Smart Lock for Passwords

With the announcement of Google Play Services 7.5 during all of the Google I/O fun yesterday, Google quietly slipped in a new password syncing feature that developers can take advantage of. What we didn't know is that it'd be going live for anyone to use so quickly, and now the new features are out there to see.

On the web side, a new password management site is a new portal to all of the passwords you currently have saved if you're using Google Chrome to sync web passwords. You can see all of the sites you've authenticated with in a new and easy to navigate list, and you can also simply click a button on each to view the actual password.

Google Passwords

But here's where it gets interesting. With the latest version of Google Play Services on your phone or tablet, you'll now have a new "Smart Lock for Passwords" option in your Google Settings that will let you sync those passwords to your phone for installed apps to make use of as well. If an app developer simply plugs in a single API into their app, you'll be able to download an app from Google Play, and sign in with a single tap if you've already signed into that app's website.

The system will work in reverse as well, if you sign into an app that has the new API, and then visit the website while signed into Chrome, you can sign in there with a single click. One app that already has the API implemented is Netflix, where we instantly saw the sign-in message and were able to get into our account in seconds without typing in anything.

Smart Lock for Passwords

This will get really interesting as soon as a majority of your favorite apps start using it, and will dramatically decrease the time it takes to log into new apps and websites when you're moving between devices.