Google's new Podcast Manager gives creators useful data

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What you need to know

  • Google has launched a new Podcasts Manager for content creators.
  • It'll provide detailed analytics for podcasters, allowing them to craft their content accordingly.
  • They'll be able to learn helpful little things like attention retention and what devices their core audiences tune in on.

Google is rolling out a new Podcasts Manager tool for podcasters. It's aimed at letting podcast hosts and content creators understand how their content performs for their audience, allowing them to fine-tune their offerings.

Google's John Ciancutti, Director of Engineering, explained on Tuesday:

With Podcasts Manager, you can make sure your show is available to millions of Google Podcasts listeners through a simple verification process. Within the tool, you can access metrics to understand how engagement with your show evolves over time and see activity for recent episodes. This includes retention analytics which help you better understand where people tune in—and when they drop off—along with listening duration, minutes played and more. And you can export the data and plug it into your own analysis tools if you prefer.

Googles Podcast Manager

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Google's Podcast Manager will also share device analytics, letting podcasters know what kind of devices listeners use. This can be part of a creative strategy. For instance, someone who finds their podcast is listened to primarily on mobile and during commuter hours might tune their show to be shorter, or even structure it with several jumping-off points. Another who finds that their podcast is listened to on Home speakers may alter their content so that it's longer, assuming that the listener is tuning in from home during leisure hours.

The point is, it's going to be attractive for creatives to have access to that data while they plan their output. Though, as The Verge points out, it's not all there yet. Google lacks demographic data, something Spotify provides, though it plans to add it over time.

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