Android is the world's most popular mobile operating system, powering devices we use every day such as our smartphones, TV set-top boxes, and wearables. You may even use Android in your car via Android Auto. Google is continuing its work to make our cars smarter via Android, announcing new partnerships with automakers in its latest blog to get Android Auto and Google Assistant built right into the infotainment console of cars coming off the lot.

Android Auto has been around for nearly three years and is already available in a variety of car makes and models, as well as aftermarket stereos. Furthermore, at last year's Google I/O, the company announced a native Android Auto app for smartphones, which opened up access to the millions of Android users around the world who now only need a cheap car mount for their phone to enjoy Android Auto in any car (even if yours is still rocking a tape deck). Despite all that, Android Auto may still feel like a work in progress to some and an unnecessary luxury feature to others.

Google wants to change that perception, so at this year's developer conference, Google will be unveiling the next phase of Android Auto's development, which includes partnerships with car companies such as Audi and Volvo who will be including Android Auto and Google Assistant integration in their new lineup of cars — bringing us that much closer to making Knight Rider a reality.

Google will discuss these new Android Auto innovations at an informational session Wednesday at Google I/O and will also have some live demonstrations available on site. According to Bloomberg Technology, Google will demo the updated OS running on the Audi Q8 and Volvo V90 SUVs. You can learn all about the latest Android Auto developments at the informational session Wednesday afternoon which will also be livestreamed for those not in attendance.

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