The Google Trips app is being shut down come August 5

Google (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • The Google Trips app will be discontinued come August 5.
  • Google Trips' online counterpart recently received a makeover.
  • Features from the app will move to Google Search and Google Maps.

After beefing up its online counterpart last month, Google is discontinuing its Google Trips app come August 5. Rumors have been circulating that the standalone app was headed to the Google graveyard ever since the company noticeably left out any news about it when they announced the revamped web service, and today the company confirmed this on a support page.

Both the online and app versions of Google Trips acts as a centralized hub for all the information you need to plan a vacation, such as your flight details, hotel bookings, and amazing grub to grab in the area. They're also integrated with Gmail to make the process even less of a headache.

Features that are currently available on the Google Trips app will migrate to Google Search and Google Maps according to Google, thus rendering the standalone app redundant. Users can still download the app until August 5, but after that date, users will see a message upon opening it that "We've said goodbye to Google Trips."

Google may formally announce their sunsetting of the Google Trips app, or they may let it fade into obscurity. Given that its signature features aren't getting shelved - users will just have to use the online service or access Google's other apps - I'd be surprised if the company brought much attention to it. Seems like their energy would be better spent promoting Google Trips' shiny new online version.

Alyse Stanley
  • Too bad -- I used this every time I was out of country. It did a great job of giving me offline access to stuff to do in the towns I was visiting.
  • Same here. Loved that I could save all the info I needed before even making the trip, especially if it was a place where my network was spotty or non-existent...
  • And there you go..offline access. That is something that the folks in Silicon Valley (Apple, Google) and the MS Redmond campus just don't get. They live, work an play in areas that are so dense in coverage it is a wonder everyone doesn't get cooked (no Apple CEO pun intended). My wife left this morning on a long road trip across a number of sparsely populated western states. She has the onboard Nav in the car, as well as access to Carplay (Apple Maps/Google Maps/Waze) and Android Auto. She also has a folder of printed guidance generated from a much missed product of MS's, Streets and Trips. Bet I trigger some nostalgia from the older crowd in here.
  • Not good news for sure. As an alternative we have Tripsapp
  • Well, Google Trips, you helped me on two trips to England. Thanks.