Google reportedly working with Vizio to build Chromecast into TVs

According to a new report, Google may be working with TV manufacturer Vizio to build Chromecast features into forthcoming TVs. As noted by Variety, the effort would eschew Google's Android TV platform in favor of Chromecast's simpler method of operation:

The new line of TVs, which could become available as early as this spring, won't feature any traditional smart TV apps. Instead, they will function just like Google's Chromecast streaming adapter, offering consumers the ability to watch online services like Netflix and Hulu on their TV sets, but with the streaming initiating from mobile devices.

This would be an interesting turn for Google, whose Android TV platform is already built into a number of TVs and includes casting support in addition to an on-screen interface and full-fledged apps. This new approach, however, would essentially result in building Chromecast into the TV rather than requiring an extra dongle.

Source: Variety; Via: The Verge

Dan Thorp-Lancaster