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What you need to know

  • Google has been adding dark mode to various system apps.
  • Google Podcasts users are starting to see a dark mode option.
  • If you select dark mode in Android 10, all compatible apps know your preference.

We're fans of the dark mode here, and we were happy when Google announced Android 10 would finally bring a system-wide dark mode option. That means if you select a dark mode in the settings, all compatible apps will read your preference and switch to a dark mode if one is available. Users of Google Podcasts are noticing the beta app now includes a dark mode of its own, and it recognizes the overall system preference.

Podcasts Dark ModeSource: 9to5Google

The folks at 9to5Google say they have only seen the dark mode in action on phones that are completely up to date with the latest Google app.

Dark mode generally switches to a darker color scheme, but the actual benefits may be more aesthetic. There is some theory that on OLED screens that deactivate black pixels, a dark mode could help save battery life. However, actual benefits have been minimal enough that no manufacturer is using this as a bragging point. Dark mode may be more aesthetically pleasing, but we as humans are used to reading dark text on light paper, so don't feel left out if it isn't your preferred mode.

Google's Best

Google Pixel 4 XL

Google Pixel 4 XL

Smooth display looks great in the dark

This is easily Google's best-ever phone. The hardware is sleek and efficient, and Android 10 runs brilliantly. The battery life is frustratingly bad, so hopefully more apps with dark mode support will help balance the performance problem.

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