Google Pixel 6 Original ChipsSource: Google

What you need to know

  • Google is launching a line of potato chips ahead of the Pixel 6.
  • The chips signify Google's first in-house Tensor chip that is featured on its upcoming flagship.
  • Applications for the chips are currently closed.

Google has begun hyping up the Pixel 6, which can only mean that the company may be close to fully launching the device. Google's latest campaign is all about the new Tensor chip which is its first in-house SoC, and the company has launched a line of actual potato chips to mark the accomplishment.

Google's new "Original Chips" are a punny take on the company's actual smartphone chip, which will lean heavily on the company's AI chops to gain an edge over some of the best Android phones.

A genuine chip manufactured entirely in-house for the new Google Pixel 6.

Made by 100% Google, it has a crispy finish. You should definitely enjoy the deliciousness of freshly made Hokuhoku.

The bags also match the various colors that the Pixel 6 will be offered in, which is a nice touch.

The chips are available in Japan and are only open to the first 10,000 customers that apply. That said, applications are currently closed as the "planned quantity has been reached." So, unfortunately, anyone else looking to try the "Googley Salty Flavor" will have to wait and see if the company extends the campaign to other regions.

Google has been more active in its promotion of the Pixel 6 over the past week after first unveiling details about the device in August, although it likely has something to do with Tuesday's launch of the iPhone 13. However, the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro aren't expected to fully launch until the fall, with rumors pointing to late October.

It's coming

Google Pixel 6 Pink

Google Pixel 6

The power of AI in your hands

The upcoming Google Pixel 6 is set to become one of Google's best smartphones ever thanks to its new custom-built Tensor chip that will power the phone's AI and machine learning on-device, enabling better photography, improved speech recognition, and tons of new experiences.

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