The Google Phone Is A Certainty

It looks like that Google Phone that was real and coming early next year has now become a certainty. According to Gizmodo, a trusted source has tipped them off that is adding even more intrigue to the perpetual Google Phone rumor and of course, brings more questions. The Google Phone will differ from your run-of-the-mill Android Handsets (which even the DROID will be grouped with) because it runs a different version of Android that has yet to be seen on Google-branded hardware.

Prototypes of the Google Phone is expected to hit Google's Headquarters in the next few weeks. The prototypes will run the new version of Android, Flan or maybe even a version beyond that. And the juiciest tidbit of all? That the Android we know and love may not be the 'real' Android. We're assuming that means the 'real' Android will be available on the Google Phone.

Google Voice and Android sitting in a tree? What do you guys think?

Casey Chan
  • And I have a bridge in NY for sale. It's been gently used but is otherwise in pristine condition. I'll eat my boxer shorts if this turns out to be true!
  • If Google really keeps all the good stuff for itself, they may single handedly give WinMob a new lease on life, because handset makers will drop Andriod like a hot potato. No one wants to be relegated to second-best status. Will there be a Google phone? Maybe. Will Google refuse to offer the OS it runs to other manufacturers? I doubt seriously Google is that stupid.
  • "they may single handedly give WinMob a new lease on life" Well said. Microsoft's just itching for the chance to reclaim the likes of Samsung & Motorola. Finally someone who gets it :-) I too have a bridge in Philadelphia. Not as long but has a new paint job for anyone who believes this rumor :-)
  • On further thought: If Google really thinks it can have the next iPhone, and simply used OEMs to debug and improve Android, I suppose they might be that stupid. But that would work only if they've signed an exlusive deal with one vendor, I think, as Apple did.
  • This will be end of android.
  • I Think This will Discourage People from moving to Android. If ur buying a smartphone you wanna be UP On the Lastest and Greatest hardware & software. Every website Raved abt The Hero before it arrived.& in October it was considered the best Android phone availible. Now its the Droid. It the sources are true abt the Google Phone having "True Android," then people will leave Android. Why support a brand tht doesn't support You? G1, myTouch,& Hero ALL felt left in the dark when 2.0 came on The DROID. Now there's talk of "The Real Android coming." I have admired Google up until this point. They my have different ways of doing things compared 2 Apple. But At least Apple Updates there PHONES ACROSS THE BOARD!
  • Just be cause some Anonymous tipster said.... doesnt mean anything. I have proof that a very high up trusted individual said, that there will not be a google phone.... Put it front PAGE!!!
  • I agree with most of the comments here. Google doing this should be disheartening to all its partners, as they will know for sure that Google has been withholding certain features from Android that could have made their phones blockbusters. That said, I really don't think Google cares. Google's only concern is with Google; they are a world unto themselves. And, whether fortunately or unfortunately, they've been doing just fine with that philosophy so far, and I doubt this move will hurt them.
  • Goodbye Droid. Sorry you're a short-lived gadget, just an appetizer to a full meal. A fill in. A temporary patch.
  • Whatever happened to google's statement, "don't be evil"? Because if they do this, that is pretty much evil. Using all these manufacturers and the Handset alliance to do your marketing and dirty work and then undercutting them? hmmm. Yep, pretty evil. I agree this will give WinMo a HUGE Boost if it is true. HTC in particular is able to make OS's thier own, and if they put sense on WinMo with the new Market, it will prolly be pretty ok. Hope this isn't true, though.
  • Whatever happened to google's statement, "don't be evil"? Because if they do this, that is pretty much evil. Using all these manufacturers and the Handset alliance to do your marketing and dirty work and then undercutting them? hmmm. Yep, pretty evil. I agree this will give WinMo a HUGE Boost if it is true. HTC in particular is able to make OS's thier own, and if they put sense on WinMo with the new Market, it will prolly be pretty ok. Hope this isn't true, though.
  • Google's dominance and income in the handset dept depends upon distribution. They're already giving away the OS for free. Why shoot themselves in the face by alienating other providers. HTC, for example, already has a relationship with Microsoft. And you betcha if Google pulls this stunt, Microsoft will give away Windows Phone 7 for free just to slit Google's throat. For those who don't believe Microsoft would do this or are not old enough to remember, they've done it before. That's why you use MS Word and Excel instead of WordPerfect & Lotus 1-2-3. I don't believe anything until someone in Google takes ownership of these statements because it seems just too stupid to be true.
  • I think its cool up to a point.... As long as Google continues to support improvements/fixes for Android 1.0 - 2.1 (if that's where the line is drawn)
    Google is the owner of Android so they can add new features to Android that is yet to be announced. It may require hardware spec changes or even additional buttons. The phone manufacturer knows this. Manufacturers constantly add new features to their phones all the time, adding & taking away buttons. Look at the evolution of Blackberries, HTC, Palm, Motorola and Samsung phones to name a few. The first WinMo phones have gone through the same evolution. WinMo 5 phones can't even run 6.5 due to hardware constraints. Correct me if I'm wrong but some WinMO 6.0 phones can't even be updated to 6.5. Heck, we don't even know if its true or not. Maybe Google is going to add "nightshot" capabilities. They can tell their manufacturer (any of the current Android phone manufacturers) that they must include a LED flash as well as IR LED for totally darkness captures.
    Wouldn't that be cool. That's just hardware. Can we all update to it. I think not. We lack the IR LED. Maybe the Google phone is going to be released as a G4 phone, who knows??? What we're seeing is EXTREMELY RAPID OS development (unlike Microsoft) before our very eyes and we're not use to it. We were all worried if Android 1.0 phones could be updated to 1.5 let alone to 2.0. We all had a sigh of relief when we learned YES the G1 can and has been hacked to do so. We all saw Android develop form 1.0 to 2.0 in about a years time. Compare the same to WinMo or Palm or Blackberry. Early Blackberries running 3.0 or 4.0 can't do what 5.0 can do now. I don't think you should blame Google for OS evolution. Google might be the first to come out with some new Google app or hardware feature for that moment in time, but as long as they don't make it EXCLUSIVE to themselves, any phone manufacturer who wants to buck up and add the required specs should have the opportunity to do so. Then again, Google might put on a time limitation exclusivity on it. That's how Operating Systems flourish, by multiplication. The phone manufacturers themselves don't adhere to a strict Android implementation. Look at the difference between the UI of the Hero, Moment and Droid. Manufacturers add their own bells and whistles all the time. When you buy a phone, you're buying present day technology. PERIOD.No where is iit written that your phone will be able to run future OS updates. If the phone happens to have OTA update capable or is flashable, you've bought yourself a small insurance because not all phones are upgradeable. I have Sprint HTC Hero eagerly awaiting a possible 2.1 sometime soon. Long Live Android, multiply and flourish!!
  • BULLSHIT! I am so tired of hearing this beat to death rumor. Google has officially stated time and time again there will never be a Google phone. There are so many causes for such a bogus claim, examples: A) New Android developer phone with google branding is being tested, some ass sees it and due to only seeing google branding and nothing else he tells a guy who tells his cousin, etc etc. B) They are testing some other new phone prototype, maybe an HTC or a new Motorola device or whatever, insert ass who sees this and spreads a rumor of the google phone to his mom, the donkey fucking his mom and a tree frog. Either way there isn't a Google phone, they do not want to alienate their customers who are clinging to Android and making it such a success. Not, happening. Fin.
  • Having just downloaded the beta for Google Wave, I would be inclined to believe that Google is building a similar mobile version of Wave to sit on top of Android. This concept may look like a new OS, but really would be more akin to HTC's Sense UI running on Android 2.1. I think the data-only, Google Voice route would alienate service providers more than manufacturers, who would be selecting the OS.
  • While having Google Android OS in top mobile manufacturers it self google mobile is not the current requirement of the market. Google wave could bring something different in mobile on top of Android.
  • A Google Voice handset would be awesome. Though, my Google Voice number has to be "ported" to my existing cell or home phone number and needs their network to connect the call. I wonder how Google would work around that to remove the phone company factor. Maybe it'll be like a voice over IP thing that only requires a data connection, provided by Goggle or WiFi? Hmmmm. I'm sure they'll figure it out and crippled the current cell phone providers. That'll make me laugh. They've been raping us for a while...
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  • No way you people have all lost your minds. The Apple I-Phone is now and will be for a very long time the Best Smart Phone on the planet. Google can no way ever catch Apple and develop a Smart Phone anywhere close to the I-Phone. Apple has the manufactures, the cost, and the distribution in the bag. Apple is selling millions, and millions, and millions of I-Phones, on the other hand Google has sold NONE. Google is dreaming. Yes I have an I-Phone and it's the best phone I have ever used in my life.
  • Google is such a smart company. They will definitely compete in the phone market before long. Its just a matter of time.
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