The Google Phone Is A Certainty

It looks like that Google Phone that was real and coming early next year has now become a certainty. According to Gizmodo, a trusted source has tipped them off that is adding even more intrigue to the perpetual Google Phone rumor and of course, brings more questions. The Google Phone will differ from your run-of-the-mill Android Handsets (which even the DROID will be grouped with) because it runs a different version of Android that has yet to be seen on Google-branded hardware.

Prototypes of the Google Phone is expected to hit Google's Headquarters in the next few weeks. The prototypes will run the new version of Android, Flan or maybe even a version beyond that. And the juiciest tidbit of all? That the Android we know and love may not be the 'real' Android. We're assuming that means the 'real' Android will be available on the Google Phone.

Google Voice and Android sitting in a tree? What do you guys think?

Casey Chan