Google partners with SteamWorld creators Thunderful Games for Stadia exclusive

Thunderful Games Stadia Combo Image
Thunderful Games Stadia Combo Image (Image credit: Google / Thunderful Games)

What you need to know

  • Thunderful Games is partnering with Google for a brand new Stadia-exclusive game.
  • This is a new studio founded by merging Image & Form with Zoink.
  • Developers on this team created the SteamWorld series, Stick it to the Man, Ghost Giant, Fe, and more.

Google Stadia continues to shore up its stable of developers and publishing partners. Today, it was announced that Thunderful Games is partnering with Stadia to create a new "available only on Stadia" title for the cloud-based gaming platform is exciting news. Thunderful is a recently-created studio that was founded out of the merger of Image & Form with Zoink, bringing together multiple talented teams.

Thunderful's new project won't be revealed until early 2021, but it should be a great addition to the ever-growing list of games on Stadia.

In the blog post, Klaus Lyngeled, Head of Development at Thunderful Games, discussed the partnership and what it's like working alongside Google.

We love creating innovative games and Stadia's technology makes it so easy to try something different. There are almost no barriers for players to try new games – no downloading and installing. We think this will let people try new types of games that they usually wouldn't. Since Stadia keeps the game builds in the cloud, it's incredibly easy to access and test the game internally. The team can see how this technology makes our game really accessible, it's literally just a browser click away! That's an amazing power that we're really excited about.It's been a great collaboration – lots of excellent guidance that has pushed us to make the game better than we could have ever imagined. Stadia has hired some of the most talented people from the games industry. It's obvious that they really know and care a lot about the quality of games.

Earlier this year in July, Google announced a similar partnership with Harmonix (creators of music-based rhythmg games such as Rock Band and Dance Central) and Supermassive Games (Until Dawn, The Dark Pictures Anthology) among many others to create new, compelling games for Stadia.

We have no idea what this new Thunderful title could be, but hopefully it lives up to the quality bar set by the excellent SteamWorld series of titles.

David Jagneaux