Google Now's occasional reminders keep you on top of chores

Google had recently added a feature to its back end that allows for the occasional reminder when using Google Now. Now, when you set up a reminder, you can set up recurring alerts, one-time alerts based on time or location, and the occasional reminder that occasionally pops up to nag you about tasks. This would be great for things like chores, which may not really have an expiration date or a set completion date, but just stuff that you need to keep on top of with a fair amount of frequency.

It's still unclear when the feature was added and given its relative novelty to the Google Now cards, we're really unsure how frequently you'll be nagged. Still, it's a nice feature to have and definitely could come up handy if you aren't always on top of housework and need a little push to mow the lawn, vacuum the carpets, or take out the trash.

And as this is a Google server-side update, users should immediately see this live on their phones and tablets without having to install any new updates themselves. Also, remember that you can now activate Google Now from anywhere on your phone.

What will you be using this new occasional reminder setting for?

Source: Android Police

Chuong H Nguyen