Google and NASA launch a 3D model of the James Webb Space Telescope

NASA James Webb Space Telescope
NASA James Webb Space Telescope (Image credit: Google)

What you need to know

  • Google has partnered with NASA to create a 3D model of the James Webb Space Telescope.
  • The new telescope is seen as the successor to the iconic Hubble Space Telescope.
  • NASA is set to launch the new space telescope on December 22, 2021.

While NASA prepares to launch the new James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) into orbit, Google is bringing the space telescope into your living room. Thanks to a partnership with Google Arts & Culture, NASA has helped bring a 3D model of the new space telescope to Google Search, so you can get a chance to see it up close and personal.

The JWST, which was built in collaboration with Canadian and European space agencies, is set to succeed the iconic Hubble Space Telescope, which has helped astronomers and cosmologists explore and learn more about the universe from the safety of Earth.

The telescope will observe distant objects in visible light and mid-infrared spectrum, allowing it to see much older and distant objects than Hubble could. It will use a mirror more than six times larger than Hubble's, and with Google Search, you'll be able to take a look at it from the comfort of your home.

Just search "James Webb Space Telescope" and select "View in 3D" on any of the best Android phones to project the telescope in your space using AR.

You can also learn more about the JWST from the Google Arts & Culture page, which helps explain the purpose of the telescope while showing off the incredible engineering marvel.

NASA is set to launch the JWST on December 22, but it will take roughly six months before it's ready to start capturing images of space.

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