Google Movies update pushing out to Galaxy Tab

Well, this is interesting.  I recently went into the Android Market on my Galaxy Tab and it asked me to accept the terms and conditions again.  I accepted, and the app closed down.  When I booted the market back up I had a shiny new "movies" tab.  In my preview of the Touchwiz UX update, I noted that the update came with the "Google Videos" app pre-installed but that the market didn't have movies available for purchase yet.

One puzzling thing is that the playback worked flawlessly on my rooted galaxy tab, but Josh's rooted phone just gave him the playback error we all know and love.  My device is running essentially a "stock" Touchwiz build, so that might have something to do with it.

Like most market updates, expect this rollout to go out gradually, but it can't hurt to clear the cache to try and force and update.  One additional screen capture, and a blurrycam pic of actual playback (since the videos app seems to block screen capture methods) after the break.  If you get it on your device, be sure to sound off in our forums.

  • Too funny... I posted about this on twitter last night. Was wondering why my wife's Tab now had movies and mine didnt... And I also wonder why I was able to play movies on my rooted Tab.
    Guess i will clear cache on my Tab again to see if I get it...
  • I did the exact same thing lol. I figured it was a little strange that I now had it and I couldnt remember anyone else writing about it. Go Tab!!!
  • I've got it on my Acer A500 as well. :D
  • You got it just now? Its been on my Acer for well over 3weeks, since Android 3.1 came out.
  • 3.99 to rent android movies.. meh.. Ill stick to either a 7.99 netflix accnt or $1 redbox rentals tyvm
  • Remember it takes all kinds... I travel a LOT, and you cant stream Netflix while headed to South America on a plane... So for me, 3.99 rentals are ok...I download it, and watch it on my overseas trips...
  • Zapote21, do you know for sure if that's how it works? For instance, if I rented a movie, it would download on my Tab for me to watch (not streamed) for say, a 24 hour period?
  • You have the option to download or stream. If you download, you have thirty days to watch it. Once you start to watch the movie, you then have 24 hours to complete watching. It automatically erases the movie after it has been used.
  • That's weird I have had this on my tab 10.1 since the 5th. I figured it came with the update.
  • Same here... I've had movies since that touchwiz update.
  • I too have had the movies tab on my 10.1 Verizon LTE tab since it's first release. I (Since they haven't released it yet for the LTE version) don't have the new Touchwiz either.
  • I had the "Videos" app on my tab since the update as well. But the movies tab in the market is the update that pushed out. That, and the fact that I can watch Google movies on a rooted device made me pretty excited. Though I need to spend a bit more time before clicking rent. Didn't see this was the old movie (which I have already seen) and not the new one.
  • Where do I clear the cache at? Only had my tab a day so still learning the setup.
  • Go into your tab's settings, and into applications and "Manage Applications" If it's not done already, make sure you are viewing "all" applications (the middle tab). Go down to "Market" and then clear cache and force stop. After that, go to your market app and see if it loads the new market.