Google has announced Project Fi, a new program that aims to keep you connected, no matter what network you're on.

Beginning as an early access program, Google is working with Sprint and T-Mobile to build Fi. The service is centered around three main areas of focus: high-quality connections, easy communication across networks, and a simple service experience.

Fi will put you on the best connection for you wherever you are. If your LTE signal isn't very strong, Fi will try to connect you to a Wi-Fi hotspot, for instance. The goal is to get the best data connection possible. Fi also supports features like talking and texting over Wi-Fi, and calls will be able to easily transition between Wi-Fi and cellular networks. Your Fi phone number will exist in the cloud so you can use it with any phone, tablet, or laptop.

In terms of pricing, Google hopes to keep things simple with Fi. For $20 per month, you get basic service, including talk, text, Wi-Fi tethering, and international coverage. For every 1GB of cellular data you add to your plan, you'll pay another $10 per month. So, if you use 3GB per month, you'll pay $50. You'll also get money back for the data on your plan that you don't use.

You can sign up now for the Google Fi Early Access Program. Currently, Project Fi is only compatible with the Nexus 6, developed with Fi in mind.

Source: Google