Google increases international roaming speeds on Project Fi to attract new subscribers

Google has announced that Project Fi subscribers will be able to take full advantage of high speed data in more than 135 destinations. The company noted in an official blog post that most smartphone owners who travel abroad opt for local SIM cards or to forego mobile access over paying out for carrier charges. Project Fi hopes this move will attract those customers who wish to use their phones abroad without worry about bills when landing back in the U.S.

Noting the addition of Three to the Project Fi network, Google revealed that speeds offered on its experimental network are up to 10-20 times faster than before when travelling abroad. As an added bonus, subscribers to Project Fi still do not require to pay extra for this bump in speed (or net access overall). It's simply $10 per 1GB as the company charges within the U.S., on top of the $20 per month for voice, tethering and SMS.

As an added bonus, the company is offering $150 off the Nexus 6P for the next week should you purchase one and activate it with Project Fi. (The Nexus 6P promotion kicks off at 1p.m. ET.)

  • I really want to try this, just to see how much data I would use but I don't want to have the 5x again. I'm hoping that this will be open to more phones in the future.
  • They're going to be discounting the 6P by $150. I love my 6P! Posted via the Android Central App from my Nexus 6P on Project Fi
  • That is a great deal! I have heard a lot about the 6p, just a bit overwhelming for me, my purse and my pockets (literally). lol.
  • The discount applies if bought through Project instead of the Google Store. If you qualify they will bill you in monthly payments instead of paying outright.
  • Quick question: If you pay for 6GB ($60) and only use 5, do they credit back $10 to your next month, or does the unused data roll over to the following month to give you 7GB of data?
  • You get a credit towards your next bill. Also, they credit at a rate of $.01 per MB, so you get partial credit back. For example, I got $2.63 credit this month because I still had 263 MB of unused data.
  • Why bother, just select the lowest 1gb and it'll just charge you to the penny how much you use. If you use 5gb and you're on the 1gb plan, they will just charge you the extra 4gb. I see no point in being charged upfront then getting a credit. lol
  • This does make sense lol. Since there are no overages, why opt for anything higher than 1GB?
  • I'll give Fi a try when the next Nexus phones come out. if google wants to get more users they need to work with apple to make the iphone Fi compatible. The iphone has all the necessary bands and apple has shown a willingness to cut out carriers with their e-sim.
  • So Project Fi currently uses the networks of Sprint, T-mobile and Three? Is there a list of what countries Project Fi provides cellular coverage to? Couldn't seem to find one on their website. Depending on what international countries are covered, I could see myself signing up with the next nexus device.
  • Sprint, T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular in the U.S. Internationally, they're now using Three (aka a bunch of Three's roaming partners). The list is subject to change, but here's the list of countries:
  • Not bad, but should really be $5 per 1GB. $10 is expensive
  • Feel free to send letters to Sprint, T-Mobile, and U.S. Cellular asking them to charge MVNOs less money to access their networks.
  • How do you know how much they are charging, maybe Google making huge profits on that $10 per GB
  • And we certainly wouldn't want Google making a profit on a service they provide would we? Posted via the Android Central App from my Nexus 6P on Project Fi
  • Google is a multi billion dollar cash machine. And you still have no clue about profit margins, maybe it's $9 per GB
  • I honestly don't care how much Google makes as long as I'm happy with what I'm paying for.
  • I am not happy, hence my comment.....Tmobile has/had almost unlimited data (6GB + all free streaming) for $40 per month + VoLTE support which Fi doesnt have
  • Fi is obviously not for everyone. In my case I work from home so am on wifi 99% of the time. Fi does what it needs to for me.
  • I work from home too mostly and have WIFI, when I do go out and when I use my car, I sometimes stream a radio while driving, browse web etc., all my background tasks are set to sync on WIFI-only. Per month I get 2-3GB used. When I switched to Fi, Tmobile was more expensive, now they are about $5-10 bucks cheaper and dont even need WIFI....ever, steam and sync all you want.
  • I had never used T-mobile before Fi. I had ATT or Verizon. So far I've been impressed with T-mobile's coverage and if I ever do leave Fi that's probably where I'll go. I do like the idea of switching carriers when necessary though like Fi does. I've heard T-Mobile has some deadspots in this area and that would probably be picked up by Sprint. Also I could be wrong but I don't think all phones from T-Mobile offer wi-fi calling.
  • My T-Mobile dead spots are not picked up by Sprint on Fi. In fact it's usually worse then on my T-Mobile phone. I usually enter dead spots when driving and by the time Fi switches to Sprint, T-Mobile phone is back online while Fi is now connected to slow Sprint LTE or sometimes even 3G. Most T-Mobile phones have wifi calling and it works better then on Fi, has priority setting as well.
  • Fi is definitely not for heavy data users, but I'm saving between $30 and $40 a month from what I used to pay AT&T (for two phones). My wife and I each use less than 1 GB per month, so the data cost doesn't impact us that much. I do agree, though, that for moderate-to-heavy data users it is not cheaper than the big carriers.
  • There have been reports of people using much less data after switching. Something like from 6GB -> 4GB a month. It seems like Google Fi aggressively finds WiFi hotspots, connects to them and sets up a VPN to get you off the cellular network. This will save you battery usage as well. I'm in the 9GB a month camp, so until prices drop, it's not quite worth it yet for me. I have sprint, so still enjoy same speeds and free international data (although not at full speed).
  • Yes, there is a process that runs in the background and looks for known good quality public wifi. It then connects automatically and uses a Google VPN for security. There is an icon that shows up on the status bar when it does this, so it is obvious when it happens (pretty frequently in my case).
  • I've connected to total of 4 WIFI spots in 1+ year on Fi, zero internationally
  • it actually connects to my work's non-secure password less wifi and VPN's in so I don't know how they "approve" hotspots but I'm pretty sure my work did not sign up to be part of that "approved wifi hotspot" list. I think it just looks for any open "public" wifi and just connects via VPN.
  • It's not any open wifi, it measures wifi performance before connecting
  • I am either even or saving $5-10 bucks vs Tmobile, last month I actually paid $10 more
  • Why not $1 or $100?
  • It's funny that I am begging T-Mobile to increase their 128kbps data roaming to at least 256, and instead Fi increases it from 256 to 10-20x that.
  • T-Mobile is free stupid Posted via the Android Central App
  • This international roaming is also "free" — you don't pay additionally to use it internationally.
  • Apparently you are are the brainless fck here since Fi roaming is free.....oh well
  • Stupid
  • It's 10 a GB Posted via the Android Central App
  • it uses the same data allocation as your regular plan, they don't bill you separately an additional $10/gb for using international data. If you use 500MB in the US and then 500MB in the UK, you're still paying for that initial 1gb for $10. Yes Tmo's international data is free but it's stupid slow and it's not like you're not already paying for their domestic data plan.
  • Looks like you are too stupid to even understand, that's ok, take some pills for that!
  • Meow Posted via the Android Central App
  • It's probably as futile as begging Sprint to increase their 64kbps data roaming to at least 128kbps to match TM... :) I am impressed that Sprint actually matched TM's international roaming coverage.
  • Was almost gonna take plunge with the $150 off deal on 5x but wasn't sure that phone would cut it but now with same deal on 6p here I come Fi...
  • My wife and I love Project Fi. Between wifi hotspots and downloading maps, music, etc ahead of time we're down to using 100-200 MBs a month. So with the flexibility and power from it leveraging the 3 networks, our bills are about $26 each every month. This news is more icing on the cake!
  • Yeah, my wife and I do the same thing. I'm on wifi all day at work and at home, so my monthly usage is usually less than 400 MB. My wife uses a bit more (she runs around a lot with the kids), but she is still below 1 GB each month. We save a ton compared to what we used to pay AT&T. Also, the coverage has been great (plus wifi calling and texting works when coverage is sparse).
  • Tried Fi, way too expensive if you use more than 3-5 gigs... Tred for a month and just switched back to verizon even though fi had better coverage and speed in my area than verizon, but i used 10-12 Gbs a month and Fi wouldnt be worth it, so now im back to paying 280 $ for 3 lines S7E, iphone 6S, and note 4 with 16 Gbs. Ridiculous but worth it ? Idk... Posted via the Android Central App
  • Buy a jetpack ... and tether it when roaming ... then you can bridge both worlds cost effectively.... remember you can get a data only plan ....
  • I switched from Tmobile prepaid to Project Fi last year. My monthly bill from Tmobile used to be about $45. Project Fi charges me about $40-43 a month. So the savings isn’t much. But other aspects of the service is great.
    It automatically connects to open WIFI hotspots so I use less data and I get increased data speeds.
    I get better coverage since it also uses Sprint’s network in addition to Tmobile.
    I travel internationally about once a year and it’s ridiculously convenient not to have to swap out another SIM card to use my phone. Just last week, I flew to Hong Kong. Calls and data worked just fine. Then I flew to Taiwan. Ditto, everything worked fine. And no setup and no sky-high roaming fees!
  • "As an added bonus, subscribers to Project Fi still do not require to pay extra for this bump in speed". What kind of sentence is this??