Google Glass music

Official video shows proper stereo earbuds plugged into USB port

Along with the XE11 update that came to Google Glass late last week came the realization that Google Play Music can be properly sideloaded and installed on the $1,500 wearable. It ties into Glass as you'd expect — with full voice support and Google Play Music All Access at the ready. And that brought the obvious response — neither the bone-conducting speaker nor the new mono (and not very comfortable) earbud are very conducive to proper listening. 

Google Glass earbudsIt appears, however, that, yes, Google has larger plans for music and Google Glass. Rolling Stone tonight reports that Google Glass will officially get music functionality in "the next two weeks." It's not known whether that'll be rolled out special, or with the next expected monthly update, which should be XE12.

Also, a video uploaded Nov. 5 (apparently made live this evening) shows producer Young Guru ordering a meal in Spanish — thanks to Google Glass — then using the music discoverability feature to identify a song in the restaurant, and then listening to it through Glass.

And he does so, it appears, using a proper set of stereo earbuds, and in various color. (Though they do appear to be, at first glance, of the same large, uncomfortable nature as what's shipping in v2 of Google Glass.) We've got no idea when those might be made available to those of us who don't work with Jay Z and Alicia Keys.

Nothing official from Google Glass as of yet. So it's apparent that we'll be getting music playback directly from Glass, it's not yet known if we'll get some sort of more battery-friendly playback via the phone as well. Check out the full video after the break.

Source: Rolling Stone; Also: Phandroid

Update: The New York Times says the music features will roll out on Tuesday; the stereo earbuds will be available for $85 by the end of the month.