You can now buy the new-and-improved Google Glass 2

Google Glass
Google Glass (Image credit: Google)

What you need to know

  • Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 is now available for direct purchase from three big resellers.
  • Google is aiming at a more wide-scale release this time around, focusing on developers and businesses.
  • It features a more powerful CPU, USB-C port, better battery life, and more comfortable frames.

In a move that seems to have come out of left field, Google is now offering Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 for sale on CDW, Mobile Advance, and SHI with an MSRP of $999. This move significantly expands Glass Enterprise Edition 2's availability, which was previously only available to select companies that were a part of a pilot group of enterprises and sold through exclusive channels.

Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 was introduced last May and provided a massive upgrade over the original in terms of processing power, software development prowess, and a form factor that's sleeker and more comfortable to use. It's also got a USB Type-C port and longer battery life for better use in real-world situations, particularly in enterprise environments where it's designed to be worn by workers during their regular shift.

Google Glass Enterprise 2 with Titanium Frames

Source: Google (Image credit: Source: Google)

Being available through new distribution channels means that more businesses can now get their hands on Glass Enterprise Edition 2 and begin to incorporate it into their business model. But Google isn't just positioning this announcement around availability, it's also attempting to court developers for the product to make it more viable in the future. Since Glass Enterprise Edition 2 uses Android, it's as familiar to code for as any other Android-powered device on the market is, meaning developers won't have to learn a new language or purchase a new set of development software just to get projects going.

That also means deeper integration into workflows for businesses that already utilize Android-powered devices or devices that work perfect with Android. That helps reduce the amount of time it would normally take to get a new product integrated into such a structure. Google's enterprise-focus for Glass has helped rebirth a product that was far ahead of its time in many ways, and the company's development in the VR and AR space has significantly contributed to the usefulness of Glass over the years, including plenty of positive from companies that are using the product right now.

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