Google is gifting a free Home Mini to some YouTube Premium subscribers

What you need to know

  • Some YouTube Premium subscribers are receiving an offer for a free Google Home Mini via the Google Assistant.
  • A Google Home Mini normally retails for $50, but with this promotion you'll only pay tax and shipping.
  • Google is expected to announced a new and improved Google Home Mini rebranded as the Nest Mini at its October 15 Made by Google event.

If you're a YouTube Premium subscriber and a fan of Google Assistant, Google may have a free gift for you. Some users have begun reporting that an offer for a free Google Home Mini is showing up in Google Assistant.

Normally, Google's mini smart speaker would set you back nearly $50 at retail prices. However, if you take advantage of this offer, you'll only be stuck paying for tax and shipping which significantly lowers the price.

It's not the first time we've seen a Google Home Mini promotion like this. Google seems to hand these things out like candy, and many times you can snag a free one by simply being a subscriber to one of its services or even partner services such as Spotify.

What makes this promotion a little more significant is that it's happening a few days before the new Made by Google event where it's rumored we'll be seeing a refresh of this device.

According to the leaks, on October 15 we'll see Google launch a new, better sounding mini smart speaker rebranded as the Nest Mini. It is reported that it will also include a built-in wall mount and 3.5mm headphone jack to go along with the improved audio.

Perhaps that's why Google is trying to clear out some old stock to make room for the new models. If you weren't targeted with this free offer then you can still pick up one for $49, but I'd suggest waiting until after the Google event. It's possible we'll see the older models drop in price, or you just might want the new and improved Nest Mini instead. 

Jason England