Google finally brings its 'Sunrise Alarms' feature to Nest Hub smart displays

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Nest Hub Max Hero Jj (Image credit: Jeramy Johnson / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google's Nest Hub smart displays are receiving a new Sunrise Alarms feature.
  • In addition to Sunrise Alarms, the update also brings Family Sticky Notes and a revamped alarm UI.
  • You will have to unplug and reboot your smart display to check if the update is available.

Google has released a new update for its Nest Hub and select third-party Assistant smart displays, bringing the Sunrise Alarms feature that it had announced in October last year (via Android Police). As the name of the feature clearly suggests, it lets you use your smart display as a sunrise alarm.

When you create a new alarm on your Nest Hub and enable the sunrise setting, the feature will slowly brighten your room to wake you up, mimicking a sunrise. You can customize Sunrise Alarms by choosing how long you want the effect to last and whether or not a tone should start playing before the alarm starts.

Along with Sunrise Alarms, the update also brings a refreshed interface for creating alarms. The new UI gives you more control over your alarms and lets you customize things like the tone, the time it rings, snooze duration, and whether or not your morning routine should begin after it is over.

Sticky Notes, which is another feature that Google announced last year, is also coming to Nest Hub smart displays with this update. Aside from family sticky notes, the new Family tab provides quick access to the Family Bells, Life360 tracking, and activities for kids. You can create a new family stick note by tapping on the yellow card in the Family tab, or by saying, "Hey Google, add a family note."

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Nest Hub Max

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