Google experimenting Goggles integration with key advertisers

Google has announced that they'll be ramping up their Google Goggles efforts with some key advertisers. While it's still only in the experimental stages, Google has signed up Buick, Disney, Diageo, T-Mobile and Delta Airlines to do market testing of Google Goggles. Soon, we'll be seeing "Goggles enabled" ads spread across movie posters, print ads and other marketing media. 

The goal of course is to have users recognize the Goggles enabled items and make use of their devices to explore the online destinations being offered. Those destinations could be say, an interactive ad from Disney or Buick as shown above. As it's still experimental it might be a while before we see any show up but if you spot some let us know. Download links for Google Goggles and video of the experiment are after the break. [Google Mobile Blog]