Google confirms Oct 4 launch event, teases phone 'made by Google'

In a nod to the nerds, Google just took out a TV ad during the premiere of The Big Bang Theory to tease an upcoming product launch on October 4. Set to the subtle tune of "Come And Get Your Love," a long rectangular Google Search bar slowly morphs into the shape of a phone, then flanked by "Oct. 4" on one side and the new Google "G" logo on the other.

At the same time, Google tossed up a new website,, which simply shows the same imagery but with the phone-shaped outline being filled by various awesome photographs — building into the information previously leaked about a new, interesting wallpaper experience on the Pixel phones.

A tweet from the Google Twitter account also uses the hashtag #madebygoogle, lending more fuel to the fire that the phones will indeed be marketed as Google's own without the involvement of a customer-facing company partner. The official Nexus Twitter account retweeted, cryptically.

So it's set, then — October 4 for the launch of the latest phones from Google. What they turn out to be, and which products (if any) launch alongside them, will be the interesting part.

Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • The most iPhone-looking "Nexus" yet?
  • Well it's coming from HTC. For a company that is burning to the ground can you really blame them for copying the top dog?
  • Except apple copied the HTC design since the iPhone 6, sooooooo...
  • Shh! nobody is supposed to know that
  • Looks like an iPhone. Now there's innovation!
  • Yeah it does, it has a side and a back and a front and is shaped like a phone. Wow
  • Looks like an iPhone, particularly from the 5 to 7 design. ....which are a complete mockery of the HTC one m7 to the HTC 10. *Sigh*: so ignorant, you are... Posted via the Android Central App
  • Well to be fair building and launching an all metal and glass isn't as easy as it looks... just ask Samsung.
  • How does it look like an iPhone? Looks very similar to my Nexus 6P from that picture....
  • The leaks are nearly identical to an iPhone. Plus the 5X & 6P had the same profile as iPhone (front face). N4, N5, N6 were the best designs yet.
  • I agree especially the Nexus 6. She was a beauty! Big, curvey, sexy, and a handful. The curved back, dual LED ring flash, and the Motorola dimple were unique.
  • If Google did the 6 design in both regular size and large, they would've had a huge hit. That's gotta be the best design ever. It's not like a smaller variant didn't exist (Moto X 2).
  • It was called the Moto X 2014 (not Google, but close to stock and essentially a smaller version of the Nexus 6).
  • Everything I agree with but the curved back. I hate that part, I like to put my phone down on the desk, and dismiss notifications or scroll through apps. The curved back makes that... interesting. Love the phone, hate the back. And if I do get a case that flattens it out, it makes the phone too bulky for my mount in the car. Oh well, can't win them all.
  • It also aired during Monday Night Football. They're really going for it this time.
  • I saw that too! +1 for the advertising.
  • For the rest of us nerds who prefer sports to sitcoms :) I was in the kitchen and heard the song, turned around was was surprised it was Google advertising a product launch - I agree, going for it big time!
  • Rounded corners Apple invented them. They should call it the iPixel 7. I had the nexus 4 and 5, they were OK, nothing exciting. I switched to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3,4,5 & 7. It's cool to get the latest OS once it's released, but the phones are mediocre at best.
  • I guess everyone's has they're taste, because this is honestly the first time I've seen anyone call a Nexus phone "mediocre" lol
  • The 6P is definitely the smoothest and fastest running phone I've ever had. Even my wife's Note 7 doesn't run as buttery as my 6P. I guess I wouldn't call that mediocre, even a year later.
  • You love you wife right? Tell her to return her note 7 before it explodes in her face. Or maybe you actually have little master plan on your hands, mmmmmh... Posted via the Android Central App
  • You love you wife right? Tell her to return her note 7 before it explodes in her face. Or maybe you actually have little master plan on your hands, mmmmmh...? Posted via the Android Central App
  • You are right about the Nexus 4 and 5 being mediocre. The 6P, on the other hand, is truly a great phone. Even the 6 was great. You gave up at the wrong time.
  • I wonder if there's any chance Google would buy HTC for future hardware devices, and make the "made by Google" true. HTC needs the money, although I don't think the owner does.
  • I don't see why Google has to purchase HTC in order to have HTC manufacture its phones.
  • You're right Andrew. They don't. In a later response I mentioned that Apple doesn't own Foxconn... More than that, I was wrong to suggest this for another, less obvious reason. If Google purchased a Taiwanese company as a primary cell phone provider, I suspect they'd start having some serious issues with the Chinese government. No one wants serious issues with the largest market in the world.
  • They already had Motorola, made some quality phones, then sold it. Can't image them buying another company.
  • Aah, yes, good and very valid point. Funny that with Motorola, they kept the Motorola branding in place throughout their short ownership. I guess Motorola had a decent name brand still.
  • I'm still using first edition Moto X and it's almost as good as my wife's Galaxy 7. I love it still and 100 percent American made from Texas.
  • Maybe for their patent portfolio as well.
  • Maybe that was already on the plan. On a consumer facing POV they made some quality phones, but internally they acquired long lasting know how (and patents) to move along their hardware plan.
  • Google wouldn't buy a hardware manufacturer right when every phone maker is getting rid of their manufacturing businesses and replacing it with outsourcing.
  • Agreed. I said what was on my mind at the time, but the responses here and a bit more thought about it has me thinking "not so much" :-)
  • "Made by Google" Wait, what does this mean? The phones are actually made in-house by Google or is HTC making them, just taking the rearmost seat?
  • From everything we've seen and heard, even officially announced, HTC is making both the new Pixels formerly known as Nexii. So #madebygoogle can't be right unless they say, well iPhones are technically made by Foxconn, designed by Apple in California, although Apple rarely mentions the Foxconn part. So why can't we do the same, say designed by Google, and keep HTC as a silent manufacturing partner.
  • "we" ... hahaha
  • Well a substantial investment in HTC wouldn't be out of the question I don't think. I'm pretty sure that's what apple has done with Foxconn. Paid for some of their factories and such, I believe.
  • Well, Apple doesn't *make* the iPhones, Sony doesn't *make* Xperias etc. So, "made by Google" is probably "conceived, designed and defined by Google" but just manufactured by someone else.
    I wouldn't be surprised to see something like the leaflets that are on top of the new iPhone and say "Designed by Apple in California", with Google's version of it. Something along the lines of "designed by Google in Mountain View".
  • The experience is made by Google of course...
  • Google probably met with HTC, said "you have the machines to build stuff, here is exactly what we want you to build." Then proceeded to blueprint out the entire device. HTC says "sure, we'll set up our machines to do just that." And they make them according to Google's recipe.
  • It's called "marketing." Facts have only a loose connection to advertising.
  • Is the wallpapers on the madebygoogle site from the pixels? If true then those cameras look legit
  • Gonna be able to buy this thing before the damn v20 ever gets a release date.
  • I'll consider buying it if it has an ip67 or ip68 rating.
  • Yes, must have waterproofing for me, too. After my S5, anything non-waterproof is a non-starter
  • Im ready to buy.
  • Wow. Premium prices this year.
  • They better bring some "premium" features if they're gonna charge premium prices. Samsung owns Android right now with their stellar camera and beautiful displays. If the Pixel is going to show up in carrier retail stores, there needs to be a selling point that makes it a viable alternative to a S7, HTC10, or iPhone7. Let's see what the Google experience is all about...Oct 4th.
  • This. If i get another phone with an ugly backlight display. In that i mean like a pink or orange tint. Ill be so upset lol
  • I truly hope that the renders have been wrong on this... But I gotta say that those pictures look pretty darn good.. I hope they aren't photoshoped..... Oh I like the commercials too... If they market it like Samsung does it's going to be a great fall for them
  • I am actually out. Its not appealing anymore with the proposed price of $649. Its not nexus anymore
  • I'm out too. Keeping my Nexus 6 another year with Nougat and grab one of these next September for $349 once Pixel 2017 phones come near.
  • Good luck, Google!
  • I hear that song and think 'F is for Family'
  • My first thought was Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • I actually thought of the old Alltel commercials first – and then "Guardians of the Galaxy" came to my mind. :)
  • Can't wait for Season 2
  • Commercials are fine, but this thing is going to have to be in carrier stores (or in one carrier store) to be relevant to the masses.
  • The LG G2 was better than the N5 as HTC10 will be better than this??
  • The real android phone of the year will soon be here. Looks like an iPhone? So what the iPhone looks great..anyways software is where it matters. PS: Yes this year's Samsung phones have been great as well but I prefer Google's take on Android.
  • Same
  • Many of us don't think the iPhone looks that great. It looks extremely dated.. Very lazy design. Which was copied from HTC and Samsung.
  • The iPhone looks great?
    Well, it's a matter of good taste I guess.
    One can't force you to have it ;P
  • Love that song
  • New to Android, so please forgive my ignorance but have any nexus phones been dual sim? And what would the likelihood be that these phones are dual sim?
  • Nexus phones have never been dual sim and since these new Pixel phones are going to be sold via carriers I'm pretty confident that they will not be dual sim either. In the US dual sim phones are pretty rare overall.
  • Will be good. Waiting to see how they will turn out to be, maybe going for the black Pixel 128 gb.
  • Same
  • I'll wait till next year before I think of this years model anything. With the quality mid range devices out now, there is no way I am paying more than $500 for any device anymore. I can wait and let time eat the depreciation instead of me taking the loss.
  • I think you can safely remove dual sim, expanded storage, and water resistance from the list of likelihoods.
  • Really Google? The basic model for 649 buckeroos? Count me out.
  • "Made by Google"? False advertising, plain and simple. The phones are made by HTC.