In a nod to the nerds, Google just took out a TV ad during the premiere of The Big Bang Theory to tease an upcoming product launch on October 4. Set to the subtle tune of "Come And Get Your Love," a long rectangular Google Search bar slowly morphs into the shape of a phone, then flanked by "Oct. 4" on one side and the new Google "G" logo on the other.

At the same time, Google tossed up a new website,, which simply shows the same imagery but with the phone-shaped outline being filled by various awesome photographs — building into the information previously leaked about a new, interesting wallpaper experience on the Pixel phones.

Google Pixel teaser

A tweet from the Google Twitter account also uses the hashtag #madebygoogle, lending more fuel to the fire that the phones will indeed be marketed as Google's own without the involvement of a customer-facing company partner. The official Nexus Twitter account retweeted, cryptically.

So it's set, then — October 4 for the launch of the latest phones from Google. What they turn out to be, and which products (if any) launch alongside them, will be the interesting part.