Google Chrome's new shopping features will help you save for the holidays

Google Chrome Holiday
Google Chrome Holiday (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google is launching new shopping features to the Chrome browser on mobile and desktop.
  • The Chrome tabs view will show updated prices on items to help find good deals.
  • Google is adding quick access to Lens from the Chrome address bar.
  • Chrome will now help users keep track of their carts from multiple sites.

The holidays are upon us, and while many people are done with their shopping, there are still plenty of great last-minute deals around that are worth taking a look at. Google knows this, which is why it's introducing several new features for Chrome to help users find the best deals and better manage their carts.

Source: Google (Image credit: Source: Google)

This week, Google is making the Chrome tab view much more helpful in tracking prices on items. If you have tabs open on product pages, Chrome will now alert you of price changes so you can quickly check if an item you've been considering gets a nice discount. This way, Chrome can help you make a move on a new purchase.

Google is also bringing Lens to the Search Bar in Chrome, so you can easily search online for items you come across while you're out and about. Some users may already have this feature on the beta version, but now it's arriving on the stable app. Lens is also coming to the desktop version of Chrome on the best Laptops, so users can search for items on their screen by right-clicking a product image and selecting "Search images with Google Lens."

Another new feature arriving on desktop is a new card that will help users keep track of their carts across different websites. This feature was introduced earlier this year and will let users continue shopping on sites where they've added items to a cart, straight from the new tab page.

Google Chrome Cart Reminders

Source: Google (Image credit: Source: Google)

Lastly, Google reminds users of its other useful features, such as Autofill, to automatically fill in billing and shipping information, which can save you some time. Chrome can also automatically generate unique passwords and save login information, so you don't have to remember your login details when shopping across various websites.

Now get out there and get those deals!

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