Google Calendar takes on Facebook with improvements for large events

Google has announced a set of new features for Google Calendar that will allow event organizers to better manage their events if the event has more than 200 attendees. These will certainly come in handy for anyone that has to wrangle a lot of employees from different physical locations. The first feature is the ability to export guest lists into Google Sheets for easier visibility of everyone attending the event.

The next improvement is an update of an existing feature. Before this update, invitations would not update based on someone being added to a mailing list. Now, new members of mailing lists will automatically be invited to events that those mailing lists have been invited to. This will streamline things for even organizers, and make sure that the new guy or gal on the team isn't awkwardly forgotten.

This update will roll out to all G Suite users within the next few weeks.

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Tom Westrick