Google and KISS made Live Cases, and you can buy them

Gene Simmons owns, and according to a blog post from Google really loves, Google's Pixel. It's a solid phone to be sure, and it looks like he's a big fan of the camera which makes a lot of sense. The thing he really loves about his Pixel nowadays? The money he and his bandmates are going to make from the new line of Live Cases with Kiss artwork all over the back.

It's not really clear how many people fall into the venn diagram of Pixel or Nexus owners and hardcore KISS fans, but if you head to the Live Case creator tool you'll see 12 KISS designs you can set up on your case however you choose. And, because it's a Live Case, you set whatever you want on the hot button on the back of the case when it arrives. It's in the Artwork section, just in case you get lost looking for it.

Do these cases give you Reason to Live, or are they something out of the Psycho Circus? Sound off in the comments!

Russell Holly

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