Google and HP looking to bring Android's Google Now to Enterprise

Google and HP are reportedly looking at bring the power and functionality of Android's Google Now digital assistant to small and medium sized businesses (SMB) and enterprise alike. The talks apparently began a year ago but nothing really came of them. However, with the recently announced Apple + IBM deal everything seems to be moving again. So, how will it work?

The idea is for employees to be able to ask their Android device for company information such as financial data or product inventory information in the same way they do routine personal searches for weather, traffic or restaurant locations. Google search doesn't currently offer any such integration with corporate databases and software applications, but it's an area Google has looked at as it tries to chip away at the iPhone's lead among business customers.

There aren't a lot of options left if Google wants to do a similar partnership in Enterprise. Never say never, but given the Oracle litigation, that pairing doesn't seem likely. Microsoft has their own platform, so who else does that leave, SAP?

Source: The Information

Rene Ritchie
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