Gold HTC One casing shown off in leaked image

A parts leak coming out of China shows off what could be the newest color option for the HTC One, gold, in a few convincing pictures. Not to be confused with a true gold-plated HTC One, this model looks to just be anodized a different color. At this point, considering that we've seen the One announced officially in silver, black, red and now blue we can't say we're surprised that HTC is working on other anodization options. 

Now of course people are going to draw parallels to the gold iPhone 5s that Apple just released, and we can't really know for sure how long HTC has been working on this color option or if it is even legitimate. If the parts turn out to be real and actually make their way to regular sales channels, we think the gold offering may be a nice addition to the increasingly colorful HTC One lineup at this point in its life cycle.

Source: Phandroid

Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • It's about time!!! I want it now!!!
  • I can't honestly think of a single more tacky color to make a phone than gold... fortunately I wont be the one buying this. *shrug* Whatever floats your boat. Though to be honest, as a proud Galaxy S4 user, I find it a little unsettling how blatantly obvious this copy of Apple is. I mean would this have ever come out had Apple not made an equally tacky gold iPhone? I mean let's be honest with ourselves here. If we're trying to call Apple out on ways they're copying other people to try and keep up, perhaps we should stop encouraging companies from obviously copying Apple, especially when they aren't copying anything worth copying.
  • Question: Do you think the original HTC One color was a copy of Apple's brushed aluminum?
  • Since Apple wasn't the first to do it, the correct answer would be no, it's not a copy.
  • I see your point, it does seem like more than a coincidence that this gold colored One comes out right after Apple announced their gold iPhone 5s. But let's not forget who's phone has a physical home button much like an iPhone. All the major manufacturers copy each other in one way or another. Its been that way since Android and iOS started out and I don't see it changing anytime soon. Posted via Android Central App
  • Yup I agree. The S-Voice is worth mentioning, as well. These companies are releasing successful flagship smart phones. I'm not surprised to see software & hardware similarities/replicas/clones, anymore. We should focus on things that do stand out such as removable battery from Samsung, fantastic screen display from HTC, Nokia's camera, iPhone's UI design, etc.
  • It may seem like that but I'm sure it's been in development before the apple version was announced. And who cares, people will still buy it and it still to me would be a better choice over Apple 5s, unless Apple decides to change their aging os. Posted via Android Central App
  • Yeah because Apple revealed its golden iPhone and poof, within three days HTC copied it and started manufacturing it, because everybody knows there isn't any process involved in manufacturing phones... I think it's just a coincidence, but that's just an opinion on the internet.
  • All due respect, it's just a color... are they supposed to tap into the color spectrum beyond our perception to pull something fresh to anodize onto metal? The iPhone is slick without a doubt, but who cares who did it first? I've seen golden phones before this years unveiling, nobody said Apple copied (insert "gold cell phone" model-name from Google search). If you were a car manufacturer, would you not make a blue car because your direct competitor did? Or would you say "nice color" and blast it on what you're selling too? People who want a golden hue only had one significant option, now they have two. The HTC One is the Android iPhone with better speakers, a bigger screen with better pixel density, and a better overall design IMO; it's what the iPhone should have been years ago. I hope HTC keep it up and find their stride. On a side note, The HTC One Max is supposedly loaded with a fingerprint scanner too... which was "leaked" before we saw the new iPhone fingerprint scanner.
  • Exactly, also I think most people are forgetting that the HTC and smart phones in general have such large screens that the coloring almost doesn't even matter anymore. Even without a case on, you hold the back of the phone, so its design is covered up. Anyway yes, no one cares, if you wanted an HTC, you would already have it by this point, I hope gold aluminum (ironic isn't it) wasn't the deciding factor for you.
  • All due respect, it's just a color... are they supposed to tap into the color spectrum beyond our perception to pull something fresh to anodize onto metal?" That would be cool.
  • Nobody is copying anyone. Everyone is just making their phones a color that is famous. A company has already made gold covered htc one phones so in reality Apple copied them. In the end who cares, more choices is always better for the consumer. That's good that you don't like it, that means you don't have to buy it. No need to start a comparison war. Especially when the htc one is picked by people over the s4 due to the memory issue. I myself love my note 2 and can't wait for note 3 but the htc one is a great phone and if I didn't have note 2 I most likely would have an htc one, oh and now I would choose the blue one. Posted via Android Central App
  • -"I can't honestly think of a single more tacky color to make a phone than gold..."- qft. There can't possibly be that many Pimps with feather hats and bright purple scarves dangling around white, double breasted, silk suit coats in the market to warrant release of this color, can there? -Suntan
  • To make matters worse the galaxy s5 will come with 64bit capable processor. Although Samsung designed the 64bit processor for apple a lot of people are going to say they also copied. Posted via Android Central App
  • HTC is paying Apple to copy, so I don't see why they wouldn't. Yes, the One does take design cues from the iPhone. Honestly, I'd take a dark blue/black phone with some subtle gold trimmings.
  • You are an idiot. Who clearly has no understanding of manufacturing,
  • Errr, there are 2 different blues for US and Europe, so this would technically be the 6th colour... Posted via Android Central App
  • Barf....that is all ⓖ◎◎ⓖⓛⓔ†ⓝⓔⓧⓤⓢ
  • Sigh. It's an already released phone in a different colour. Other than the fact that they did this after Apple released their 'gold' phone, why is this news? I hate it when tech sites announce each new iteration of the same thing.
  • I'm sure HTC is still working on even more other possible colors on the One using the anodized process. Surely it's got nothing to do with the iPhone. Posted from Galaxy S4 via Android Central App
  • Goldfinger's phone.. Posted via Android Central App
  • All this copy-paste between companies are beyond pathetic. Stop copying from others dammit.
  • It would have been decided way before apples announcement. Pre production and manufacturing guys. Posted via Android Central App
  • ^^This. Posted via an HTC Thunderbolt
  • Playing devils advocate here It was also known that the iPhone was coming months before it was announced, and probably long before the actual announcement. Yes, believe it or not, corporations spy on each other... I know hard to believe
  • Why is everybody hung up on the iPhone's yesterday's news has moved on .. it's like a feature phone now in comparison to the android stuff..
    HTC have probably had the gold iteration in their release schedule for ages ...just because apple bring out a gold phone ...everyone else who brings one out is copying..bullshit people ...
    Why is everybody so hung up on what apple's like a zombie culture so bizare ...
    They were at the forefront once now they are at least a year behind ..and just so overpriced.. I know they hold their secondhand value ... Buts that's only due to market demand not due to the technology involved .
    Android especially with HTC and Samsung is moving on so fast a six month old phone is practically obsolete,that's why the value drops so quickly ..
    This year's iPhone is practically the same as one from two years ago ..that's why the value holds better as well. Posted via Android Central App
  • iPhones made blackberries "cool" and brought smartphones into the mainstream
    Samsung made Android a viable competitor to iPhone
  • And before iPhone fan boys start ...I have an iPhone well as a HTC one,Samsung galaxy s4,and a Samsung note 2..
    I have to say I much prefer the Android platform can just do so much with it ...ios just bores the hell out of me now's basically the same as 2007 yawn ..
    Yes it's easy for kids and old people just hasn't moved forward like android has ...could have been so much more ...such a shame .. Posted via Android Central App
  • Didn't Android Central have a contest a while back that gave away a gold htc one? That happen way before the iPhone 5s was even announced. Posted via Android Central App
  • that was real gold from a 3rd party
  • Apple might HTC for the “champagne gold” color then lol. We can’t even use the word “champagne” anymore :/
  • Endgadget mention that a date of 12th of August is seen in the photos, although I can't see it. Posted via Android Central App
  • I think it's great HTC is offering an awesome phone in multiple colors. I really could care less if Apple released a similar color (e.g. - black, silver, gold) first. Posted via HTC One on Android Central App
  • Wow, that's impressive! I actually thought they couldn't make me dislike the one but they did it! So tacky! Posted via Android Central App
  • the CEO should resign. do you hear me Chou???????????????????????????????
  • For as long as you have been posting that, I feel you deserve an answer. I called him, he said no he never heard you. Could you repeat? Posted via Android Central App
  • I lol'd Posted via Android Central App
  • The problem is, most people already spent their 2 year discount on the black or silver and would have to pay full price for the colors. But one thing I know, this phone in whatever color it comes on looks awesome. If I find this off contract at a great price I will get it in a heartbeat. Posted via Android Central App
  • Alright HTC now your taking this to far! Why cant we just be happy with a few options? Haha the gold sorta butchers the HTC One! :p
  • Ohhh...make me a money green one and my Note 2 is just a memory! Posted via the TARDIS.
  • This looks tacky. There is a reason why Apple chose to use gold with a white face. HTC wants to release this phone with some many color options. This looks desperate.
  • This looks tacky. There is a reason why Apple chose to use gold with a white face. HTC wants to release this phone with some many color options. This looks desperate.
  • You guys don't possible think someone with these kind of manufacturing capabilities could produce a one off gold colored unit in a matter of days? If you're going to be biased, at least be intelligent about it. If HTC came out with it first - OMG Apple customers is so stupid!@! Apple cannot innovate anymore and copies! Apple comes out with it first - Coincidence. Gotcha. Both colors are terrible btw.
  • No. The costs would be nuts. A limited run ok, but not a one off Posted via Android Central App
  • Hey cool another potion for a really nice phone. Guessing the majority who wanted this phone already have it though. Next time release the colors at launch not 6 months later. I really wonder what the rate of return will be on the red, blue and now gold versions. Wonder if moon gray is next up to bat? (just kidding)
  • I think it's a coincidence. HTC has been putting out different colors every couple months. One more reason why they should've dropped all the colors at launch.
  • I think I'll get this over the blue htc one and I already have the my favorite phone the htc one developer edition. Posted via Android Central App
  • HTC has many colors coming even Green they coming out with all colors before iphone and we all know HTC doesn't copy anyone if they wanted to copy they would have copied siri and copied samsung but they always do there own thing this was made before iphone but the leankers took time to release it. apple copied many features from the HTC ONE now lets talk about that
  • I agree Posted via Android Central App
  • Wow. So now Apple invented the color gold?
  • I think it looks pretty cool actually. Sent from my Galaxy S3
  • Looks like a dirty white/silver one to me... Posted via Android Central App
  • That blue color looks amazing on the One tough! :o Posted via Android Central App