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You may have heard of ProtonMail already, but did you know that the company also makes a VPN service? If you didn't, now you do. ProtonVPN offers many of the same features that the best VPN providers do, but where it stands out is that there are plan options for as little as $0 a month. That's right, Proton offers up its VPN service for free (with limitations) each month, making it a perfect option for those who want to try a VPN out without spending a ton.

For those who anticipate using a VPN heavily, there are several different paid options that offer up various features, all of which are worth looking into.

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ProtonVPN has a bunch of different pricing options that range from a free plan to as much as $24 per month. The best offer is the two-year plan which has a discount of 34% right now.

The Basic plan comes in at just $4 a month and offers connections for two devices at the same time, access to all the various servers that ProtonVPN has, and gives you the highest speed connections available plus P2P.

Proton markets the Plus plan as the best offer at just $8 a month, and when you sign up for a two-year plan you can save 34% on the cost. This offers the same features as the Basic plan but also includes new options like secure streaming, Tor Servers, the ability to connect 5 devices at once, and more.

The top plan is the Visionary option, which is $24 a month or $288 for the year. This has the same set of features as the Plus plan, but with Visionary you get ProtonMail Visionary as well and can connect 10 devices at the same time, because why not just go all-in on security?

ProtonVPN is based in Switzerland, has Secure Core servers, keeps no logs, offers a kill switch, DNS leak protection, and strong encryption. Give the free plan shot today and see how you like it and then upgrade to the option that best meets your needs.

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