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Gingerbread leak for the Droid X and Droid 2 has been rooted

Just the other night we saw a leak of Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) for the Motorola Droid 2 and Motorola Droid X, but unfortunately at that time users had to decide if they wanted to give up their root. Since then we have gone hands on, and seen a few interesting bits about the update, and now the folks at MyDroidWorld have posted a pre-rooted build for us all to enjoy, so users who enjoy the fun that rooting brings can still do so. This also means we have a chance of seeing some customized ROM's for these devices around this base, as well as some custom themes.

Unfortunately, if you have already flashed the leak from the other night, you will need to SBF your device back down the the Froyo build, and then root it again before installing this. If you held off for this one, then you are lucky, just download and install. If you happen to hit some bootloops, just go into recovery and wipe data and you should be all set! [Droid 2 / Droid X] Thanks, deadlybatman!

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  • wow, i literally upgraded 8 hours ago to the NON rooted one ! oh well.
  • WOOHOO! downloading file now. Thanks!
  • Glad I waited for GB root. I can't live without Titanium back up.
  • Thats good to hear , congrats to all the Droid X & 2 owners
    Why can't we get something like this for the MileStone ? stupid vanilla Android !!!
  • Busy day today, but I am making time for this! MDW= Major Moto Pros.
  • FYI If you are currently running on 2.3.340 you do not need to wipe when upgrading. If you are running a ROM based on 2.3.340 (Liberty, Fission, TranQ, Darkslide) you need to wipe when upgrading to rooted gingerbread. this was posted by mazz0310 on
  • I was running Liberty and wiped data and cache before running update. No issues with loading update. Only issue is getting used to the new blur which has same dumb issue with Facebook. Can't sync existing contacts only.
  • Anybody find the droid x 2.3 keyboard?
  • Grrrrrrr I flashed the leak literally just a few minutes
    before the rooted version was posted. Now I have to
    SBF and have never done it. Uggggh Guess that's what I
    get for being impatient.
  • Can I use it on a Milestone 2?
  • Installed non root the nightbefore, SBF'd and installed preroot this morning. The new Blur is hands down a complete 180 in terms of functionality and overall awesomeness. That Droid X is SO hot right now.. XD
  • Woohoo!!! So cool to be the tipster! ;)
  • I used the sbf and now I don't have root to bootstrap to recovery? I'm missing something?
  • You have to reroot with Z4
  • anyone noticing a little bugginess? it doesn't seem totally clean...
  • Still sticking to my liberty 1.5. Ill wait till this starts to really get overhauled by the devs and see if any problems arise.
  • Can anyone help me out with where i can find the files (zip) to download th rooted version of the leaked gingerbread. I cant find it anywhere. If anyone can shoot it to me in a email at would be greatly appreciated.
  • Have it running on my Droid X now, did a few Quadrant Standard benchmark and got an average score of 1894. Overclocked it after with DroidX Overclock to 1350Ghz and got an average score of 2318....
  • Hi, Im a bit of a newb when it comes to android. I have a motorola milestone 2 with Froyo pre-installed. i would like to update to gingerbread but the instructions were a bit hard to follow. I already have the phone rooted, could someone please explain the process to install gingerbread. Im from australia and the follwing information is as follows. System version - 62.2.19.A953
    Model - A953
    Android 2.2
    kernel version -
    build number - MILS2_U6_2.2.19 please email me at thanks
  • The idea is very good.I like the archives.
    Glad to know that your title.
    please go on,thanks. if you are free,pls
  • Ive had it installed for a few hrs now. its sweeeet. good job guys!
  • Is anyone else having a problem with the camera freezing? Mine works for a second then stops.
  • No camera issues here...
  • Installed last night, it is very nice. Mine runs smooth, faster than before with no lag.
    One issue, I have a "sync" icon in the notification area next to the wifi/3g icon that won't go away. I cannot figure out what it is and why it is there. Anyone else have this? any ideas? "Blaxing" - No camera issues here
  • I guess I should check the forums first, huh... Need to factory reset...
  • So I figured it out there were some pictures in my gallery that had gotten corrupted and once I deleted them the camera started working again. I was having the same issue with the syncing icon on the top right hand side of the screen.
    I did another Factory Wipe and it seemed to fix the issue. Give this a try if you haven't already.
  • Installed pre-rooted gingerbread, however, now it seems like I am no longer rooted. I tried re-rooting with froyo Z4. Is there a Gingerbread Z4 to be able to re-root?