Get an NVIDIA Shield with a free Plex Pass subscription right now!

If you've been eyeing up an NVIDIA Shield TV for a while, now might be as good a time as any to pull the trigger. For a limited time you'll also get a free Plex Pass subscription thrown in that'll give you plenty of time to get to grips with what it can offer you.

With every purchase of both the 16GB Shield TV and the 500GB Pro model right now you'll get yourself a free 6-month subscription to Plex Pass. Plex itself is free to use, but to access its best features you need Plex Pass. And the NVIDIA Shield is one of, if not the best Plex device around.

Plex is an easy to use home media center that allows you to catalog and access all your home music, movies, TV shows and photos, along with newer features like live TV and DVR capabilities. The NVIDIA Shield can even act as the Plex Media Server, serving media up to all your other Plex connected devices.

How to setup Plex Media Server on NVIDIA Shield TV

The offer doesn't seem limited to the U.S. as well, being available on the European side of the Atlantic, too. Grab it while it's hot.

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Richard Devine