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Over the past few months, video calls and chat rooms have become an essential part of daily working life. The Microsoft Teams for Enterprise Administrators Course shows you how to collaborate with your colleagues, with 18 hours of essential admin training for $19.99.

Thanks to a certain virus, Microsoft Teams has taken root as the most popular communication tool in the business community. If you want to set up the software for your company, this course covers everything you need to know.

Through 60 video lessons, you discover how to evaluate, plan, deploy, and manage Microsoft Teams setups at scale. This includes content on governance, security, and compliance — three important topics in the world of enterprise.

You also learn how to upgrade and archive Teams, grant guests with temporary access, handle audio conferencing, and much more.

This deal includes lifetime access to the course, plus a certificate of completion to prove your knowledge.

It's worth $295, but you can grab the training today for just $19.99.


Sale 31348 Primary Image The Microsoft Teams for Enterprise Administrators Course – $19.99

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