Get a free Nest Mini smart speaker with the Nest Hub Max home display for $199

Google Nest Hub Max
Google Nest Hub Max (Image credit: Russell Holly / Android Central)

Head over to BuyDig and get the Google Nest Hub Max at its regular $199 price and you'll get a free Nest Mini smart speaker, which goes for around $29 or more just about everywhere, including Google's store. Not only is that some nice savings, but these two devices can work together to extend your voice control over your smart home across your house. You'll be able to talk to Google Assistant from multiple rooms.

Google Assistant gives you full voice control over either device. Control from your smartphone, too. Camera's auto-framing keeps you in view as you move around. Listen to music streaming apps, set calendar reminders, and more.

Read our review of the Nest Hub Max smart home display. We gave it 4.5 stars out of 5 and a "The Best" badge. Russell Holly said this is "for people who are sold on the smart display experience from Google and want something a little more useful." He added, "you get a great speaker with a phenomenal display and a genuinely useful video chat experience."

The Nest Hub Max works with all things Nest and more than 5,000 smart devices. Use it to listen to music from your favorite streaming apps like YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora, and more. Use it to watch recipe videos while you're working in the kitchen or make hands-free video calls. Give mom a call or just leave a video message for later.

Even if you're moving around, the Nest Hub Max will keep track of you. It has auto framing that can follow you and keep you in view so you can keep your call going while multi-tasking. Even if you're away from home, you can use the built-in Nest Cam. Just access it via your smartphone's app. You'll even get motion and sound alerts to let you know when something's going on.

Control your entire smart home from the Nest Hub Max, too. Whether that includes a thermostat, a smart lock, or thousands of other compatible devices.

The Nest Mini is good for that, too. You can use both devices for even more access to your smart home from any room in the house. The two devices work really well together that way.

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