German retailer leak outs Moto G specs ahead of announcement

A day before we're expecting to get the official word on the Moto G, it seems one German retailer has already spilled the beans on Motorola's upcoming entry-level version of the Moto X. The Phone House briefly had the Moto G listed along with specs, which reportedly include a 1.2GHz quad-core CPU, 1GB of RAM, a 4.5-inch 720p LCD display and a 5-megapixel camera. Other notables include HSPA+ data connectivity (no word on LTE), 8GB of internal storage and a 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera.

If accurate, we're looking at a cut-down version of the Moto X, a possibility that's been reinforced by a couple of recent leaks pointing to a £135-150 UK SIM-free price point.

We'll be live in London tomorrow morning to bring you full coverage of the Moto G announcement, so stay tuned.

Source: TheUnwired (opens in new tab), GSMArena (opens in new tab)

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  • Active display with lcd? -Moto X-
  • Maybe a left or feature... Along with always listening. Posted via Android Central App
  • Droid Mini has Active display with LCD, just with a slightly different implementation.
  • Will the Moto X never be released outside the US? Posted via Android Central App
  • The Moto X is being sold here in Mexico. In fact, I a, considering picking one up when my contract ends Ina few weeks. I am only wondering if it is future proof. The specs are a little weak when compared to the competition, but it is being sold a lot cheaper.
  • Even though the specs on paper aren't that convincing... The X8 processor phones (Droid line and Moto X) are fast. Now, take into consideration that they are confirmed to get KitKat. KitKat is supposed to run ultra smooth, even on devices with 512 MB RAM. Specs aren't as important as they used to be.
  • I think Motorola said that Moto X wouldn't be sold internationally. Posted via Android Central App
  • The Moto X is being sold by carriers here in Mexico... Unless Mexico is no longer considered International. Shipping is not a big problem, it is being produced in Texas after all.. LOL It is also being promoted on Motorola´s website..,es_MX,pg....
  • Yep. Moto X I on sale on méxico. Not so cheap but no so expensive posted from a s3 and waiting for nexus 5. From CALMEX
  • Indeed, it is very much mid range price, significantly cheaper than the GS4 or iPhone 5s.
  • It's being sold in North America (Mexico, Puerto Rico, Canada (I think)), but not in Europe or Asia.
  • Motorola is selling the Moto X in most of Latinoamérica countries. I think they trying to start again where they have a good image. In Latinoamérica Motorola is the second un sells just behind Samsung. Posted via Android Central App
  • The Moto X is being sold in Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, etc, since a couple weeks after launch.
  • "If accurate, we're looking at a cut-down version of the Moto G..." Don't you mean, Moto X?
  • I don't understand why Motorola releases an excellent devices in the US (based on the reviews) and the rest of the world needs to make due with a watered down version. Don't they like our money?
    Or will they release the Moto X (or equivalent) tomorrow next to the G? Posted via Android Central App
  • Is it lack of manufacturing capacity maybe? Posted via Android Central App
  • I think that Motorola is in the midst of rebuilding themselves. Recall that they are based in the US, so it makes sense that they would return to their roots and then expand outward. It takes time, and unfortunately that is where they are at the moment. They make the Moto X more widely available, but tomorrow is about the Moto G, which is squarely aimed at the SIM-free market. The Moto G is meant to be a direct competitor to the Lumia 520, and if it really is smooth (which, given the specs, would be quite the feat in itself for an Android device), they have a good shot at some decent sales. Then, work on expanding availability for the Moto X2 next year.
  • True, and also, the Moto X was made in the US partially to cut down on shipping costs, and to be quickly shipped after built. If sent worldwide, your custom X could take a lot longer to get to you, and possibly have a higher cost. Posted from the awesome new Nexus 7
  • Motorola has gone (in the UK) from the glory days of the original RAZR, a phone everyone wanted, to almost complete obscurity. As much as I want a UK Moto X it maybe makes better business sense to start at the bottom and work up.
  • I disagree, if you want to be desirable again, you need to put out high end devices. Low end devices may move boxes, but they don't build brand recognition.
    Motorola got destroyed in Europe as the devices were running year old specs before they came out. No one cared anymore. If they would have released high end phones when they were still relevant they would still be here. Posted via Android Central App
  • Yep. My last Motorola was an Atrix which left me feeling royally screwed over after promised updates failed to materialise.
    When the Moto G was announced after I'd just bought an N5 I was quite worried, but looking at the (yet to be confirmed) specs I will instead watch how Motorola treat Moto G owners with updates for a year.
    Now if it had been a full-fat Moto X I'd have eBayed my N5 and picked one up at launch..
  • I'm being optimistic and hopping that the g stands for 'global', and there using the cheap device as a way to released the moto x 'globally'.
    ...But I'm probably going to be disappointed.
  • Rumored specs (and pricing) slot this below the Moto X.
  • i live in Brazil and we have the moto x here for about US$700 sim free, i bougth one about a month ago and its the best phone i've had so far. Posted via Android Central App
  • This is a very decent phone for the price...
  • wow! Those specs are horrendous!
  • Then clearly it's not the phone for you.
    Other people would find it more than adequate. Stop with the everything has to have top specs. Not everything can or should be a hero phone. Why am I even trying...
  • Storage is part of the specs, and it was inadequate back in 2007, let alone going into 2014. The rest of it is probably fine, but 8GB makes this useless for most people as there's only 5GB left for apps, cache (which EVERY app uses, especially cloud apps), and other user data. Thumbnails and music cache alone would take up most of the remaining storage. 8GB is unusable on a modern phone unless you literally take a few pictures, never look at online pictures, never use cloud music or movies, and barely install apps.
  • That's a pretty asinine statement. I have almost 9 gigs free on my Ultra which means I'm using just over 7(that's in case you have trouble with math) so 8 gigs would have been fine. And I'm quite positive there are people who don't use as much storage as I do.
    One of these days people on here will realize they don't represent the majority of smartphone buyers... who an I kidding, no they won't
    #theworlddoesntrevolvearoundyou Posted via Android Central App
  • 8GB works out to 7-something after formatting BEFORE any data even touches it. The OS system partition takes up quite a bit as well. It's why on most of these devices you see only 13GB free out of 16 the second you boot up. You'd never have 7, you'd have 5, so you'd have to find a way to delete 2GB of stuff you have. 2.5 if you want to use Google Music, because it won't play songs if you have less than 500MB free. You can disagree with my statement but you need to at least understand how Android works even on a fresh device.
  • Reading is your friend so try it next time. If I have 9 gigs free and am using 7, then the 7 would have to include what the OS is using as well as any preinstalled apps along with whatever I put on it. So 8 gigs would still be fine for me. By the way, there was an 8 gig nexus 4 that worked just fine for many people, even if a few MBs were taken by bloat, it would still work fine for many people. It looks like you're the one who doesn't understand how android works or how people work Posted via Android Central App
  • bwahahaha...
  • Price it at $150-200, unlocked contract free and they should sell as fast as they can make em. Other than the nexus devices, the android market lacks a quality budget device, that's easily affordable for folks who despise contracts. Posted via Android Central App on my white Nexus 4 with StraightTalk
  • Just in the moto x I will pass. Disappointed really in moto this year. Posted via Android Central App
  • Why? Moto X and the latest Droid line are great phones. They run fast and smooth. I love my Droid Mini. It works great, it's not a disappointment. I love how smooth it is. It has a lot of great features packed into it. It works great for everything that I need. Sure, the "specs" may not be equal on paper. But when you actually use one of those phones, it doesn't matter. What matters is the user/phone relatoinship, for all phones for that matter.
  • Specs specs specs!
  • I would have jumped on this if it were an amoled display but LCD .. Puts me off a bit. I would have gladly paid a bit more for the more efficient screen. Just have to wait for the reviews to start coming in and see how it compares it guess. The breathing notifications thing are what attract me and I'm not sure they'll make it onto this device, or if they do, they could mean a rather weak battery life. Maybe they'll offset it with a huge battery. Otherwise it doesn't look any better than competing entry-level android's.
  • This is Google/moto going after their next billion Posted from the ONE
  • Exactly.
  • At least they didn't call it the Moto X Mini..
  • I wonder what the dimensions are, if it's 4.5' screen it could be smaller than Moto X, but the bottom bezels looks taller in the picture.
  • It is slightly larger, think by half a mm in width and a mm in thickness...
  • What a great time we live in now. We are at the point where phones that are labeled as "entry level" come with quad core chips. I know others are disappointed with other specs listed here but we are getting there. I wonder if the note 3 specs will be considered "entry level" in another two years. This industry is fascinating. Posted via Android Central App
  • This phone does nothing for me specs-wise, but I could see it easily doing well in emerging markets and as an alternative budget phone in the west. Posted via Android Central App and Droid Mini
  • So which moto is the flagship?
  • Great specs , would seem similar to the HTC Desire 500 specs Posted via Android Central App
  • Massive fail for Motorola not releasing Moto X in Australia, really don't care what they do now!! And do you really think with all the choices we have we're gunna go for a crap speced Moto G.... :-\
    Doesn't make sense to me....
    Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi Posted via Android Central App
  • The specs and build quality for that price is amazing. It looks like it will be running 4.4 Kit Kat way before my Samsung Galaxy S4 will too! Hopefully the MOTO G will sell much better than it's predecessor.