Samsung is putting plenty of weight behind virtual reality, and is building a full-stack solution from 360-degree video capture to the associated software to a headset that can view it all. And as it turns out, the system is working.

Speaking at SDC 2016 in San Francisco, Samsung's John Pleasants, executive VP of Media Solutions, dropped a pretty crazy metric on us: Gear VR owners have already watched over two million hours of virtual reality content to date. To put that into perspective, that's over 228 years of time spent in the Gear VR experience.

SDC 2016

That's quite an achievement considering the Gear VR was very limited in availability and relevance in its first versions, only really pushing out to the average consumer with the newest version that retails for just $99 and is built to work with the Galaxy S7.

Every single attendee at SDC 2016 this year will be going home with a Gear 360 spherical camera as well, so the amount of content available for Gear VR users is only going to increase.

Samsung Gear VR



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