Garmin's new Fenix 7 smartwatches have touchscreens and a built-in flashlight

Garmin Fenix 7 Series
Garmin Fenix 7 Series (Image credit: Garmin)

What you need to know

  • Garmin's highly-anticipated Fenix 7 series smartwatches are finally here.
  • The rugged multisport watches bring a new touchscreen design, advanced training tools, and a multi-LED flashlight.
  • Garmin's Fenix 7S and 7 watches start at $700, while the 7X models start at $900.

Garmin refreshed its smartwatch lineup at CES 2022 earlier this month with the launch of the Venu 2 Plus. Just weeks later, the company has now unveiled the Fenix 7 series of rugged multisport smartwatches.

Like Garmin's best smartwatches, the new models have been built for rugged reliability. The watches use premium materials such as titanium and sapphire, and come in three different sizes. One of the biggest upgrades that the Fenix 7 series brings to the table is the new touchscreen design. However, Garmin hasn't gotten rid of buttons. The touchscreen interface only complements the 5-button interface. There are also new protective button guards and metal-reinforced lugs.

In addition to adding a touchscreen, Garmin has also introduced a hands-free multi-LED flashlight with the Fenix 7 series. It can not only help adventurers set up camp in the dark, but also "match to a runner's cadence" when the strobe mode is enabled — alternating between white and red.

On the software front, the biggest highlight is the new real-time stamina tool, which will allow athletes to keep track of their exertion levels. There's also a new Visual Race Predictor feature, which provides race estimates based on your running history and overall fitness.

As for battery life, Garmin claims the solar-powered Fenix 7X models can last up to five weeks on a single charge in smartwatch mode and up to five days in GPS mode. This has been made possible due to the greater solar surface area on the new watches.

The Fenix 7 series comes in 7S, 7, and 7X models that measure 42, 47, and 51mm, respectively. All three models are now available to purchase in the U.S. from Garmin's official website. While Fenix 7S and 7 models start at $700, the 7X models go up to $1,000.

Garmin Fenix 7 Standard

Garmin Fenix 7

Garmin's flagship multisport GPS smartwatch comes with a stainless steel bezel and a 1.3-inch touchscreen display. The smartwatch also offers a wide range of built-in sports apps for trail running, hiking, surfing, swimming, biking, hiking, and more.

Babu Mohan
News Writer