One of the best Quest games is getting another year of big updates

Cloudhead Games 10-year anniversary
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What you need to know

  • Pistol Whip's Overdrive Season gets its final release on September 1.
  • The Fall update season has been named Elixir of Madness, and Cloudhead games says new content is planned for Pistol Whip well into 2024.
  • Cloudhead Games has begun teasing its next non-Pistol Whip project as the culmination of its development expertise.

It hasn't yet been a decade since modern VR headsets debuted on the market — you'd have to wait another 3 years for that milestone — but veteran VR developer Cloudhead Games is celebrating its 10-year anniversary with a big update announcement for Pistol Whip, plus it's teasing the reveal of its next big game.

As one of the best Quest games since the original Oculus Quest debuted in 2019, Pistol Whip is getting one more scene to end its current Overdrive Season on September 1 but, before then, the "Majesty" scene is available in Arcade Mode for everyone to play right now.

Players can also look forward to Elixir of Madness, the next content season that's set to arrive this Fall. Cloudhead Games says Elixir of Madness is a 3-scene "phantasmagoria of ghastly delights" that'll come just in time for you to really get in the Halloween spirit.

Pistol Whip 2023-2024 content update roadmap

(Image credit: Cloudhead Games)

Beyond that, Cloudhead Games also announced support for the game well into 2024 with new content collections featuring "the title's most adventurous genre yet." Considering we've seen the sci-fi Pistol Whip 2089 and the gun-slinging Smoke and Thunder, our expectations are high for what Cloudhead can deliver.

Plus, Clouhhead Games has begun teasing their next big project as part of the studio's 10-year anniversary. The new project is not Pistol Whip-related and Cloudhead says it builds upon the studio's previous experience with The Gallery Episode 1 and 2, plus Aperture Hand Lab on Steam. Cloudhead is known for its VR-centric game design, so we're ready for anything the studio can throw at us as we approach the launch of the Quest 3!


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