Futuristic VR sports game Ultimechs receives first gameplay trailer

(Image credit: Resolution Games)

What you need to know

  • Ultimechs is a 2v2 virtual reality multiplayer game with mechs using rocket-propelled fists to play futuristic soccer.
  • It was announced late last year and received its first gameplay trailer today.
  • Scheduled for "major VR platforms" later this year, though can be added to the Steam wishlist starting today.

Virtual reality games studio Resolution Games unveiled today the first gameplay trailer for its upcoming futuristic sports game, Ultimechs. The trailer below shows off some team-based moves in this multiplayer game.

Initially announced late last year, Ultimechs may look similar to Rocket League at first with its neon-based aesthetic. Two teams face off in an enclosed arena and must score points by shooting an oversized ball, or superball, into their opponent's goal. 

The big difference is that players are controlling mechs that can teleport across specific points to fire their own homing fists at the ball and move it down the field into the goal. It can be played either with one versus one or two teams of two, though the studio seems to suggest the latter for the ability to easily set up plays with a partner.

“Imagine guiding a missile and changing direction on-the-fly as you try to strike a target in mid-air at just the right angle,” said Resolution Games founder and CEO Tommy Palm. “That’s the Ultimechs experience. It’s about guiding rocket-powered fists to find that Superball sweet spot, knocking it out of your opponents reach and into the goal. With Ultimechs, we wanted to make something that was fast, fun, and always better with friends."

Ultimechs will be coming to "major VR platforms" sometime later this year, though can be added to the Steam wishlist starting today. A Quest 2 version is probable, considering Resolution Games is responsible for some of the best Quest 2 games including Blaston and Demeo.

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