Resolution Games newest Quest 2 game Ultimechs is Rocket League with mechs

Ultimechs Screenshot
Ultimechs Screenshot (Image credit: Resolution Games)

What you need to know

  • Ultimechs is a multiplayer VR title coming to all major VR platforms in 2022.
  • Players will take control of a mech and launch their rocket fists at a giant metal ball in hopes of knocking it into the opponents' goal.
  • Ultimechs is yet another multiplayer VR title from Resolution Games, previously known for titles like Demeo and Blaston.

Somehow, even the best Quest 2 games seem to lack the ability to pilot a mech. Thankfully, Resolution Games' latest title aims to fill that gap in a rather unique way. One part Mech Warrior, one part Rocket League, Ultimechs looks to be a challenging twist on the usual sportsball concept as players shoot their rocket fist at a giant metal ball in hopes of launching it into the opponents' goal.

Aside from piloting a mech, players will find themselves controlling the trajectory of the rocket fist after it has been fired, lending a unique perspective to the point where an appendage comes into contact with a ball in the world of sports. No doubt, this one is going to be a pretty trippy experience in VR.

Ultimechs Screenshot

Source: Resolution Games (Image credit: Source: Resolution Games)

Resolution Games isn't giving away too much of the formula just yet and says it has plenty more to share in the coming months as the game nears release.

Resolution Games says the game is slated to debut in 2022 on all major VR platforms, including the Quest and Quest 2, PSVR, and PC VR platforms like Steam. The company recently released updates to Blaston, its popular 1v1 dueling VR arena shooter, and teased an upcoming update to Demeo titled Roots of Evil, which will debut on December 16, 2021.

For now, check out the trailer below and keep an eye out for more Ultimechs news in the near future.

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