Blaston's Reloaded update adds weapon attachments and esports focus

Blaston: Reloaded
(Image credit: Resolution Games)

What you need to know

  • Quest 2 and SteamVR multiplayer game Blaston received a free update today that rebrands the game as Blaston: Reloaded.
  • The update adds the Street Brawl seasonal game mode, a new weapon, and a weapon attachment system.
  • The game's first esports competition starts in May, and the developer is launching a free spectator app on Steam.

A free update for virtual reality dueling game Blaston adds new content alongside a renewed focus on esports with an upcoming league and more. The update is available today and rebrands the game as Blaston: Reloaded.

The biggest addition for the Quest 2 and SteamVR title is the weapon attachment system, which now allows players to create loadouts before entering matches. There are now 30 mods across 10 weapons, and developer Resolution Games said more will be released in future updates.

Blaston: Reloaded also received a new weapon with the two-handed Luma Bow, which trades a free hand for better accuracy and damage. Resolution Games has partnered with Cities: VR and Virtuoso studio Fast Travel Games on a collaborative Cyber Bow skin and will be given as a free gift for all players until May 5, but will be available to buy from the in-game store after. The skin is modeled after the same weapon used in Fast Travel Games' Apex Construct, one of best Quest 2 games.

The new bow is featured in the game's new seasonal mode called Street Brawl. The mode takes place in the Scrapper’s Street environment where players participate in long distance dueling with the new weapon and a modified Nova "with an incredible speed boost."

While the Reloaded update has overhauled Blaston, Resolution Games said the game is now feature-locked for fair esports play and future updates will focus on maintaining balance. The studio has also partnered with VR esports organization VRML for Blaston's first official esports competition, Blaston VR Master League.

The league's first season begins in May, and those interested in playing can sign up on VRML's website for the game. The studio will be launching a free Blaston spectator app for Steam on May 5 featuring broadcast tools with multiple viewing options to prepare for the upcoming inaugural season.

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