There's a new reason to buy an Oculus Quest 2 on Prime Day this year

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If you've been looking to finally get into VR this year, Amazon Prime Day is the best time ever to finally make the jump into the metaverse. Surprisingly, the reason isn't because of a great deal — there are several, though, so keep an eye glued to our Oculus Quest 2 Prime Day liveblog.

Rather, it's because Meta has finally announced that it will no longer require a Facebook account in order to use an Oculus Quest 2 (now known as the Meta Quest 2).

That's right! Starting this August, you'll no longer need a Facebook account in order to use a Quest 2. Ever since the Quest 2 launched, Meta required the use of an active Facebook account in order to play any games, apps, or even to just use the headset at all.

While that made it easy to log in and set up if you were already a Facebook user, having a Facebook account tied to a VR headset proved to be a huge problem for many people. In numerous cases, people got banned from Facebook — whether that was for a legitimate reason or not — rendering the Quest 2 useless.

Oculus Quest 2 with $25 gift card | $299 at Amazon

<a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"">Oculus Quest 2 with $25 gift card | $299 at Amazon

This Amazon Prime Day deal is a tempting offer if you're yet to pick up the popular VR headset. Instead of a direct discount, which is very rare on this item, Amazon will give you a free $25 gift card with a purchase of either the 128GB or 256GB versions. This offer expires on July 13.

Oculus Quest 2 (renewed) | $249 at Amazon

<a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"">Oculus Quest 2 (renewed) | $249 at Amazon

If you want to save the most amount of cash today, then this renewed option from Amazon is worth a look. Listed as 'like new' and with a battery charge capacity of at least 90% still, we think this is a solid buy for $50 less than a brand new unit.

Fixing the problem

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When Meta flips the switch this August and changes the rules, you'll have to register for a new Meta account. Instead of your personal Facebook account, you'll be using a separate Meta account that is only designed for one thing at this time: to let you pay for things in the metaverse.

Whether that means buying the best Quest 2 games, or purchasing clothes for your Horizon Worlds avatar, is entirely up to you. You'll just use your Meta account to do it.

Because this account is completely separate from your social media feed — and, in fact, you can opt to never even link your Facebook or Instagram accounts to it — it'll be free from the issues that arose when people had their Facebook accounts banned.

When making a Meta account, you'll also create a Meta Horizon profile that will include your name, username, and the avatar that'll represent you throughout Meta's virtual spaces. Whether that's how you look at a virtual concert or while playing games with friends in Horizon worlds, your avatar is designed to be the character you want to be.

Why Prime Day?

Prime Day deals

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Prime Day is one of the best days of the year to get deals on just about anything you would typically order on Amazon. Even if the Quest 2 itself doesn't go on sale, you're almost guaranteed to pick up some of the best Quest 2 accessories at a deal.

Since the Quest 2 is so affordable, picking up these accessories is important to get the full experience from the headset. The default strap, for instance, is fine enough on its own, but won't feel comfortable during long play sessions. You'll want to pick up a better Quest 2 head strap for that.

Likewise, the controllers are fine enough on their own but feel even better with a great Quest 2 hand strap alternative. Our favorites add a hand strap that'll give you the ability to completely let go of the controller without it falling out of your hand. That's important to make throwing in VR feel more natural, and to keep that controller from flying into a wall or TV if you forget to fasten the wrist straps tightly enough.

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