What to do if your Quest 2's Facebook account gets banned

A Meta Quest 2 sitting on top of a display showing a banned Facebook account screen
(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

Once upon a time, Meta forcefully linked Facebook social media accounts with Meta Quest and Oculus Quest headsets. Thankfully, the company has come around to see the folly of such an idea and, instead of Facebook accounts, Meta now only requires users to open a Meta account, instead.

While it might not sound like much of a change given that Meta is the parent company of Facebook, a Meta account is functionally different from a Facebook account. First off, Oculus Quest 2 users no longer have to worry about their social media account status acting as a gateway to their ability to play VR.

Previously, when Facebook accounts were required, any "misbehavior" on Facebook could result in the inability to use a Quest headset. Even still, there have been plenty of examples of users having their accounts banned or otherwise disabled for nonsensical reasons because of the nature of social media, and it caused a lot of strife for Quest users for no good reason.

Meta accounts completely separate social activity from the use of a Quest VR headset. Meta accounts are used for managing the app and games library and for digital purchases, only. Meta accounts also fully replace existing Oculus accounts, and users who currently have an Oculus account will need to convert it to a Meta account before January 1, 2023.

The conversion only takes a few seconds and can be easily filled out automatically by using a Facebook login to pre-fill the account info, or you can separately make a Meta account with no ties to a Facebook account whatsoever.

If you so wish to still tie Facebook, Instagram, or other supported social accounts to your Meta account, it can be done in-headset or on Meta's website after creating a Meta account.

Nicholas Sutrich
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