Pokemon Sleep is a new mobile game that helps you sleep better

Pokemon Sleep's Pikachu in a nightcap on a Motorola Edge+ (2023)
(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Pokemon Sleep is a new game from The Pokemon Company that helps track sleep and give players scores based on how well they slept.
  • A smartphone or the Pokemon Go Plus accessory can be used to track sleep by placing them next to your pillow at night, detecting sleep movement and sounds.
  • Players will grow Snorlax by sleeping at night and collect other Pokemon to help gather ingredients for recipes during the day.

Pokemon has come from humble roots into one of the biggest franchises of all time, and The Pokemon Company is using that fame and influence to once again encourage people of all ages to live healthier lives.

While Pokemon Go was designed to get players out and moving, and Pokemon Smile was designed to help kids learn healthy teeth-brushing habits, the new Pokemon Sleep app is designed to help everyone learn their sleep habits and, hopefully, get a more restful night's sleep.

Right now, you can pre-register for the app to be notified when it becomes available in the near future. Once that happens, you'll open the app on your phone and place it near your pillow at bedtime. The app is designed to record movement via your phone's many sensors as well as record audio to listen in on snoring, sleep talking, or potentially detect other sleep issues.

There's even a smart alarm that will wake you up in a given window of time when the app detects that your sleep has moved from deep to light, ensuring that you feel naturally awake when it's time to get up.

Players will wake up to a sleep score each day, granting rewards for better scores that can be used to help raise better Pokemon in the app during the day.

If using your smartphone doesn't sound like a great idea to track your sleep, you can also place the Pokemon Go Plus accessory near your pillow to perform the same task.

Better yet, when you use Pokemon Go Plus, you'll earn special berries that can be used in the Pokemon Go app and a unique Pikachu with a nightcap, pictured above. Plus, when you play Pokemon Go and spin stops, berries will be added to your Pokemon Sleep app, as well.

Every time you record your sleep, your Snorlax in the Pokemon Sleep app will grow bigger and more powerful. The bigger Snorlax gets, the more Pokemon they can meet and the more sleep styles they'll discover. While there are only three sleep types — that's Dozing, Snoozing, and Slumbering — there are tons of different sleep styles, all of which can be encountered by Snorlax meeting other Pokemon during its sleep.

Pokemon your Snorlax meets and befriends at night can be used to help gather berries and ingredients during the day to be made into recipes that can be fed to Snorlax. Sleep tracking and feeding Snorlax will help it grow bigger and further encourage more Pokemon to gather around Snorlax at night which can help uncover even rarer sleep styles.

Ready to experience a new way to encourage healthy sleep? Pokemon Sleep will be available sometime this Summer, so be sure to pre-register now.

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