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Prime Day continues, but if you're someone that enjoys playing games on your PS5, there's one particular deal you absolutely need to make sure you take advantage of. The PlayStation DualSense Charging Station is on sale right now for just $20. That's a 33% reduction compared to what it usually costs. Even at full price, this is an accessory worth buying, as it's completely changed how I play games. 

Managing controller battery life is a hassle. Even if you use a charging cable with a built-in rechargeable battery, like the DualSense, you still have to monitor the battery and plug the controller in with a charging cable, which may not be feasible depending on your setup. 

Before grabbing the DualSense Charging Station, I used to have to juggle between controllers, trying to remember which one I had charged most recently, something that's frustrating if you're dealing with controllers that are the same color (thankfully, that's a problem you can now remedy with different-colored DualSense models). 

With the DualSense Charging Station, I've been able to change how I play games. No more wondering "did I remember to charge this controller?" By simply making sure I grab a DualSense from the station, I know for a fact I'm starting to play with a full charge. It's a small thing, but considering how busy life can be and how rare it is to have a free moment to just play something and relax, any extra time I can save is more time I'm spending actually playing the best PS5 games on my console.

This simple accessory fits almost anywhere and just needs to be plugged in, with the glowing light confirming when your controllers are fully charged, which only takes a couple of hours even when the battery is absolutely drained.

Instant access to a fully-charged controller

PlayStation DualSense Charging Station:$30 $20 at Amazon

PlayStation DualSense Charging Station: $30 $20 at Amazon

With a DualSense Charging Station, you're never unable to play your PS5 games. It means no hassle with remembering if you charged up a controller before you got off your last gaming session. At 33% off for Prime Day, an already-great price is in must-buy territory, so don't wait.

If you grab this now, that's $10 you can save and put towards another controller, a new game, some DLC, or anything else you want. You'll want to act fast, as it's unlikely this little device will be any cheaper for a long time.

Of course, there's a lot of other Prime Day 2022 deals, so don't stop there. If there's something else you're interested in buying to make your time spent gaming more enjoyable, keep an eye out. We've been keeping track of different Prime Day PS5 deals, with discounts across hardware, games, accessories, and more.

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