Would you buy a flat-edged Galaxy S9?

The Galaxy S9 and S9+ are some of the best phones money can buy right now — and if you like to keep up with the latest tech, you might already have one. One of the reasons the S9 is so popular is because of its incredible build quality and design. Samsung spared no expense, crafting the phone out of beautiful curved glass and metal.

Curved glass is beautiful, but it isn't always ideal for everybody.

There's just one problem: curved glass isn't always functional. It's gorgeous, and it feels great in the hand, but despite Samsung's best efforts for accidental touch rejection, it's still not uncommon to inadvertently touch the sides of the Galaxy S9 during regular use. Curved glass is also incredibly fragile, and much harder to protect; curved glass screen protectors are few and far between, and cases have limited space to attach to the phone and struggle to provide full coverage.

I really don't think I'd mind a flat-edged Galaxy S9 variant, like we saw last year with the Galaxy S8 Active. Sure, last year's Active model wasn't quite as pretty as the standard Galaxy S8, but it was still a handsome phone, and in exchange for the flat display, we got a much larger battery — the S8 Active carried a whopping 4000mah cell, and the difference in longevity was definitely noticeable.

Curved displays aren't all bad, though. Sit the Galaxy S8 next to the S8 Active, and you'll notice that the latter is bigger in every dimension than the standard model, despite both phones having a 5.8-inch display. Curved glass allows the display to wrap around the sides, making the phone significantly easier to hold and use one-handed.

Phones with curved edges are considerably narrower than phones without, making them easier to use one-handed.

It also just looks and feels great. There's nothing quite like running your finger across the curved edge of your phone, whether you're accessing Apps Edge or swiping in from a menu panel in the Google Play Store. And who doesn't love the look of a glowing edge when you receive notifications with the screen face-down?

Even four iterations into the Edge design, however, Samsung still hasn't given many practical uses for the curved glass from a software perspective. Apps Edge is nice, but most users end up disabling it after a few days. Likewise, the ticker-style widgets that scroll through an edge of the display can be handy, but ultimately feel a bit limited.

Still, maybe a curved display doesn't need software tricks, and allowing for a narrower chassis is useful enough. Any improvement to a phone's usability is a plus, after all. I'm personally pretty indifferent towards curved displays. I don't specifically hold out for them in a phone, but they're certainly a nice aesthetic touch and I do love that they make phones a bit more narrow. Still, it's always a bit of a relief when I go back to flat-edged phones, mostly because I like to use glass screen protectors when to prevent scratching.

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What's your take on curved displays? Does a flat Galaxy S9 sound up your alley, or are you happy with the curves on your S9 as it is? Let us know in the comments below!

Hayato was a product reviewer and video editor for Android Central.

  • I prefer the flat displays. The curve is such a pain w screen protectors. I'd say the curved screen is a big reason why I'm not buying a s9 plus.
  • They're not a pain with screen protectors, they're a pain with GLASS screen protectors.
  • Yes Captain Obvious
  • The only type of screen protector worth using.
  • They are a pain with ALL screen protectors.
  • Uhhh yeah I don't think curved glass would last long around me... Not to mention of get an s9 no matter what... my newest dream
  • If in us, get the Active. Better battery, by far, and flat screen.
  • Screen protectors aside, I can't stand the inescapable glare the curve produces.
  • +1
  • YES. That's the main reason I'm still using my old S7. I hate that edge, the first time I broke a screen was with my old S7 Edge, I could never find a good glass screen protector or case that could protect it without adding too much bulk. Hate it. Samsung is smart. They design those edge to easily brake and make you spend money.
  • I don't believe they would intentionally design the screens to break. If someone found out, It would be extremely bad for their buissness
  • SMH
  • While I don't believe they are I'm sure a lot of people said the same thing about apple not slowing down older phones :)
  • I don't mind the curved display on my Note 8, but I'd like a better glass screen protector. The Zagg one is great, but it's too narrow and cuts off text on the side of the screen. All the other options only have adhesive on the edges and they suck. Right now using a wet applied film protector, and it feels awful plus it has indentations in it from only a few days of use. I'd go bare screen if it wasn't so expensive to replace a broken screen or so easily scratched.
  • Have the Zagg Elite on my Note 8 and S9+, but liked the G6 and V30's flat screen for ease of use, protection is easier and the edge is of no huge benefit. It does look cool. Flat Samsung screen option would be nice.
  • I have had my Note 8 since it was released with no screen protector and my screen is just fine. Now let me go find some wood to knock on.
  • I’d take a flat screen S9+ over a curved screen. They’re easier to protect and they’re more functional.
  • well.. not more functional.. at least in terms of software functions as you get the slide in stuff with the curved screen... but perhaps more functional as a daily physical device.. less risk of mistakes or drops
  • There is plenty of apps to get edge display functionality without having the drawbacks of the actual edge glass.
  • Exactly how in the world would the edge screens work any different on a flat screen device? I just don't get how people can buy into this, it's ridiculous to me.
  • I would prefer a flat screen S9. My S7 Edge is sitting a drawer somewhere. False touches, reflections while watching movies and YouTube, and the edge function does nothing that can't be swiped in on a flat screen.
  • How I see it is curved looks so sexy. But flat is easier to protect, and less accidental side touches. But, I really love the curved edge look.
  • I would. The edge screen is a deal breaker
  • You don't even know why you said that and you've obviously not used one. The edges on the S8 are almost not there.
  • The edge screen is one of the few things I dislike about my S9.
  • I had one. Then when Samsung pretty much pulled the plug on Samsung Pay rewards I tried an iPhone 6s plus for a week....I never looked back.
  • Lol really? "Almost not there" ... wrong. Don't have a clue how you could try to convince anyone that the curved edges aren't noticeable on these phones. After I'm done paying off this S8+ I'm gonna RUN towards the best flat screen phone I can find! This curved screen trend surves absolutely no purpose and it has to go!
  • I like it. Purpose served
  • Sorry, that just makes no sense. But, glad you like it...
  • +1
  • Same here. I've enjoyed my S8+, but it's so fragile. I've never had a problem breaking phones. I've broken this one twice, the first time was the screen, second time the back glass. Both times in an otterbox.
  • Yep, just cracked the front of my screen dropping it on my carpet from 2 feet high off the couch. While in a Spigen case. I've absolutely never had a phone break, let alone a phone break so easily. I'm still baffled how that incredibly minor drop onto the relatively soft surface of my carpet could have done this. Cracked from the bottom right edge and spiderwebbed towards the middle. Ridiculous. Never again.
  • It was the way it impacted. That screen phones suffer the same fate if the impact point is on the corner. Whenever a phone impacts on one of the corners at being dropped, the pressure causes the screen to crack... I suspect that's what happened to your phone. You would have had a better chance of the phone had landed face down.
  • It did land face down. With a case on. It's honestly ridiculous that it cracked.
  • The S8 Active, that is what you need.
  • Verizon doesn't put out the active, otherwise I'd consider it. Though this is the very first phone I've ever owned that's cracked so easily. I've owned A LOT of phones.
  • Wtf are u doing to it? Never used a screen protector... 7s edge is over two years old.. And still mint even after couple out of country binge trips!! U let the dog chew on yours???
  • The v30 says hi
  • I'll never buy another LG if I can help it. Never.
  • Note 5's are still selling for around $300 on Offer Up
  • I'm still using my Note5. Nothing that has come since has tempted me from it. Yeah there are things I would like (water protection, SD card etc) but gaining those means I lose things I care about. I do use the pen enough that I would miss it. And the flat screen is something I am loathe to surrender. There isn't an active note else i might consider it. I'll look at the Note9 but would prefer a flat note 9. Heck I would prefer the old note edge with one curve side over the current screens.
  • I'd prefer the flat. But I want a larger screen. Wish Samsung would bring back the Galaxy Mega. Had the old Mega 6.3. Perhaps they could release a Mega 6.5 in conjunction with Apple's 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus that's rumored.
  • Why not just get the Note. It has a big enough display and a much much smaller body.
  • Because he said he preferred the flat screens... thats probably why...
  • I'm more curious on why Apple fans get what they want, and Samsung can't figure it out. An all screen flat fromt would be amazing. But it would have to be true edge to edge.
  • Lol..Apple fans get what they want? Yea, that's been a proven record in the past and current🤣🤣🤣
  • Samsung fans do get what they want. The flat screeners are simply in the minority. Remember, the masses value fashion over functionality. If they didn't, Apple wouldn't sell half the phones they do. Samsung has figured this out and see trying to walk the line between providing fashion and functionality.
  • The curved edges on the S8 are barely there and it's dimensions makes it the most comfortable phone I've ever held. I hope Samsung shaves off the top and bottom edges as well.
  • Barely there? I don't think so. The curved edges are extremely noticeable and utterly useless. Phone manufacturers are trying out any gimmick they can just to differentiate themselves from the competition. Why curved screens? Because they can. They know they don't serve a purpose, or that they make the phone fragile as hell. They also know that millions will buy it because Samsung said it's great and innovative. Hopefully the S10e largely outsells the S10 and they realize people don't want a curved screen. There's a reason the iPhone doesn't have one. It just doesn't make sense.
  • I prefer the Active variants. I have the S7 Active, my wife has the S7 Edge. She complains about accidentally hitting things along the edge, and she has a case on it to protect the back. My S7A has no such issues. And since I don't need a case, it ends up being smaller anyway. I've had it since July, and it's still in perfect condition. Her stupid Edge screen has a crack along.. surprise, surprise...the edge.
  • The Active needs to go international. Best phone they make.
  • Not intentionally of course, but that's true, when you break that screen, a new one is almost the price of a new phone and after you fix it, it still isn't as good as the one that came from factory. I'm 100% sure they make much more money selling curved screen phones then flat screen phones. A flat screen phone last years, there is almost no need to change phone these days. I curved screen phone lasts until you drop it, the first drop and you can say goodbye to you phone.
  • Not true I have a note 8 on gravel ancement and the first time it just nicked the corner of the chassis so u could see the original color later that day I dropped it again yes it cracked but thank God it was just in the corner of the black bezel and now that I have a case on it u can't even see it cause the case has a different color bezel that covers it and I had dropped it many times before also without a case how was truly terrifying each time I turn it around that they would be shattered because of all the horror stories I read but every time it was fine until the time that I cracked the corner of them but like I said I can't even see it anymore so I don't know what people are doing but my phone had been pretty resilient
  • In a heartbeat. I do not like the curved displays at all.
  • Sure I would. I have a Galaxy s8 and while the edge features are nice, they aren't deal breakers.
  • S9, not really, it's too castrated to be a real flagship, and if I wanted a big phone, I'd go for the Note rather than +. So Note9, yes, please. The edge is one of the last resistances I have against buying a Samsung phone nowadays.
  • I agree with everyone saying that even though the curved edges look nice, protecting them is a real pain with glass since other protection materials won't be as effective. And not having protection on means you either have to always worry abt dropping it or just have a fat wallet. That's why I'm still using my S7 with a Note 8 custom ROM and I hope I can find a powerful phone next time I'm in the market that has a flat screen.
  • Yes! Yes! Yes!
  • Yes! And I think it's time they start dividing their flagship ranges. One for women and males with unnaturally small hands who might like these new designs and another range for normal males. The 2nd range should have no curved screens or edges, no notch ever, removal of the headphone jack should never be considered for the purpose of reducing size and weight and thinness should never be a sale point.
    These new designs are becoming really ridiculous. I basically can't hold the phone properly anymore. They are getting too thin and too slippery. I never asked for this crap and I'm having difficulty understanding why would anyone embrace these trends
  • That would probably lead them to bankruptcy.
  • No thanks. Much prefer the current design.
  • From the note 7/ s8 on I have had no problems with palm rejection issues. Love the feel and look of curved screens which usually allow a bigger screen with the grip of a small screen phone. It would be nice to have both versions for people that like flat.
  • Both versions please. I'd happily trade my S9 for a flat screened S9.
  • I prefer a flat display.
    A S9 or any phone with a curved display isn't on my shopping list.
  • No
  • YES! as long as it's not as fugly as the Active series
  • Honestly the S8 Active looks fine now. You can barely tell its a rugged device. And it looks better in person
  • I've seen it in person, still a bit fugly :) better looking than the S7 active, though
  • Possible.... But I don't mind the edge since it makes the screen look bigger.
  • In a minute. Edge looks cool but on the Note series it sucks. I think Note series should have been flat and the Galaxy series with edges.
  • My LG G4 is close to end of life. The curved edges of the Samsung phones are the reason I will not consider them. I will get either the V30 if my phone dies soon, or wait for the new G7 or whatever it is called.
  • V30 has enough curve that it falls to all the same downsides as Samsungs, sadly
  • Yes Yes and another Yes
  • Curved edge = annoying reflections on both edges.
    The Active overcomes several of the issues with the S series
  • Yes, I have owned S8+ for only 3 months and curved display is the first thing in my hate list.
  • There's no doubt the Galaxy S8 and S9 screens are beautiful. I ended up moving from an S8 to an LG V30 because the touch points on the screen edge were driving me bonkers. It's probably a "me, not the device" situation, but that's why options are good.
  • Flat would be better.. Then the thing would be so much easier to hold. I still wouldn't buy one, because i have taste.
  • I would only consider another Samsung flagship phone if the display had flat edges. The newest Samsung phones look great but I won't buy one because of the curved edges.
  • Galaxy S type curved display = instant deal breaker. I've seen too many catastrophic failures of those displays from when minor drops, and the price to repair is absurd. Honestly at this point I'm waiting for the S9 Active, that will probably be my next (Unless the Axon 9 really manages to impress). The other Android OEMs seem to have lost any and all direction, strategy, and connection to what users actually want. Samsung may make a lot of compromises but at least they present a fairly cohesive package. I will say though, the lack of... effort? care? knowing what you're doing? from Android Phone makers is making the iPhone X2+ look more appealing by the day - and saying that really does make me sad.
  • Yeah like you said, I prefer flat screens for screen protectors.
  • These curved-screen, glass-backed phones are the devil's handiwork.
  • YES!
  • Flat screen, yes! For all of the reasons listed in the second paragraph and the curbed screen seems like a glock, fail and a solution to a nonexistent problem.
    BOO! curved screen and BOO! tall, skinny phones!
  • Probably not. I'm gonna skip the regular so which I think looks amazing with the curved edges
  • They just need a case that covers the edges so it appears flat and have a screen adjustment. Then you can use a flat screen protector. I would buy then.
  • I don't like the edge. I touch it constantly and open something or scrawl the page down.
  • I've had the S8 plus since it came out and to tell you the truth I'm tired of the curved edge screen I've gone through many glass screen protectors . I love Samsung though... If they made an s9 plus flat edge, I would buy it in a heart beat...
  • Yes! Plus a functional privacy screen protector would work on them.
  • Stopped buying Samsung when the Note lost removable batteries and went to round edge. Just make a version of the Note with flat screen, replaceable battery and place for sd card. Basically a modern Note 4 without the Apple price and I will be happy to buy one. The regular Galaxy phone can keep the edge.
  • Flat screen with a small bezel is easier to safely hold. Square sides are easier to pick up than rounded sides. Best form factor ergonomics-wise was the S6 Active.
  • I just bought a pixel 2 partly because there was no flat option on the S9. There are other reasons too but it is an issue for me. I don't like curved screens.
  • To all the folks that are not liking their Samsung curved screen, try the Essential Phone! Flat, edge-to-edge, and $450!
  • Yes! When Samsung makes a flat screen again I'll be back on the bandwagon. I love Samsung but hate the curved screen so much that I went to the basic Pixel 2. So PLEASE Samsung, give me a flat screen!
  • This is one of the reasons I sold my note 8 and went back to my iphone. Loved the phone. Hard to hold. Hard to use with the curved edges. Cases don't seem to protect as well either. Flat option on S series and notes would be preferable for me.
  • Yes. I had an S7 Active but when I moved AT&T did not work in my area so I had to move on to VZW and if they supported the Active I'd still be using it. Great screen and no Bixby.
  • Yeah they look cool but me and every hardcore phone user would rather have a flat display on a Galaxy S9 or a pixel 2 XL hopefully there will be less fingerprint touch bugs
  • Samsung it is
  • Lack of flat displays is a big part of the reason I still use an S7. Last 5 phones were Samsung, want to stay Samsung, but haven't committed to a curved screen yet. Really itching to grab a Note 8 right now.
  • I love the beauty curved screen brings to the phone. Its always in the curves ;)
  • I'm a long time Samsung user and I refuse to upgrade my Note 5 because I'm not impressed with the curved screen. I'm waiting for a normal flat screen to come back then I will be excited to upgrade
  • No. Loved Samsung....right up until they forced me into the curved glass screen. I have an S7. It's time to upgrade and I'm likely switching from Verizon to ATT for the S8 Active. Which sucks because I like Verizon. Or...it's time for the LG.
  • Exactly. I bought the LG V30 back on December. Love the flat screen and love how thin and light the phone is.
  • I had the flat panel S7 and S7Edge I preferred the S7. The subtle nature of my S9 seems perfected. I actually prefer swiping from the side on my S9 with my Seidio Rugged case. Excellent set up.
  • curved screens really are gimmicks they make the phone hard to hold the edge panels would work completely fine on a flat screen just by dragging from the right its hard to read things from an angle because when text is on the corner, the entire corner is like this piercing greenish white bright light that is different from the front panel. they do it just so it stands out because only amoleds can be bent. but the concept is really bad
  • I have an s8 and love it - BUT... I have to change the screen protector at least once a month. My job demands I use my phone for logging and taking pics most of the day. I get dirt under the screen protectors constantly. They don't stay on. I will not buy an edge/curved phone again, no matter how attractive the features may be. It's costly and I buy the protectors in packs of three. The edge phones are not a practical phone in the field, IMHO.
  • Yes! I would much rather have a flat screen. I like using glass screen protectors. I hate the curved screens :( Thanks for mentioning the Active has a flat edge! I haven't upgraded my Note 5 because I don't want a curved screen.
  • NO Definitely would Not!
  • Yes the curved display is extremely unpractical....but it's so gorgeous..I never got use to my s8(that i cracked the screen on twice in a year which is record breaking for me)and although my s9 looks pretty much identical..I'm still impressed..so what's practical? An LG Vista was the most practical phone I ever had....and i would never go that route again....sorry
  • Impractical...
  • Absolutely ! I have S8+ beautiful phone I've dropped it countless times, my previous phone Note 3 and it still works great, don't remember the last time I dropped it, so few and far between. Samsung hears an idea "edges are for holding, curves are for feeling" since the N 3 I've been waiting patiently for a replacement, other phones have edge's, but I tend to be a loyalist, getting tired of waiting.
  • Absolutely ! Former Note 3, now the S8+ really dislike the curved screen, protection a primary concern cases screen protectors, bring back the flat screen, edge's create definition.
  • I've been with Samsung since the s1 my last phone being the note 5 and current phone being the note 8.i hate the way the curved screen feels. If they don't make a normal edged note I might be done with Samsung. As for one handed use. My palm hits the edge and is always hitting things. This is the most expensive phone I've owned and am enjoying it the least.
  • I will never buy a flat edged phone again. The curve is beautiful and amazing. I had the s6 edge and now the s8+. I love the look and the feel and I definitely use the edge features constantly. I truly believe if you don't utilize the edge you just are missing out on a massive phone feature.
  • I have never owned a curved screen. I did not know the Galaxy 9 was curved until I took it out of the box. I purchased mine a day after release without any real info on specs.
    I went on faith Samsung being a better phone than the LG G6 I tried.
    So far so good! The only negative I see is not being able to find a screen protector for the phone, as I like throwing mine in my pocket and go.
    I did however found a clear case Otterbox Sentry that is perfect fit, where you actually have to snap the phone into it. Does not have a screen protector.
  • Look up SUPCASE for the S9.
    Decent bulit in screen protectors.
  • I put a Tough Armor case on my S9+ and it is just as manageable as my Flat S7. It gave the phone the slightest increase in profile while still giving full access to the edge screen. There is not a moment that my screen touches a flat surface due to the rasied top and bottom bumpers and the side bumpers come up just enough to protect from side bumps and accidental pressing of the Bigby button.
  • The only reason I would choose to buy one as if it included the new GPS chip bcm47755 from Broadcom. Navigation is most important to me.
  • Only if there isn't a Note line will I buy an S line device. The S-Pen is too important to me.
  • I will only consider flat screen phones. My wife drops phones of all sizes so no curved glass for her. No glass backs either. I don't like the edge displays; I wear bifocals and combine the horizontal blur with the vertical blur to get ick.
  • Nope. This is the exact reason I still have my Galaxy Note 5. Been waiting and hoping Samsung would give flat screen or curved option again. I dread the curved screen for a variety of reasons, and have even looked at switching to a different company because of it.
  • Yes, bring back the flat screens. But no, I don't want a ginormous Active phone. The S9 would have been perfect as the chassis of the S7, but with the small bezels and screen of the S8. It's very frustrating that I finally started liking Samsung phones, then they went to the curved screens. I had an S6 edge for 6 months or so and hated it.
  • Yes I would buy a flat screen s9.
  • YES YES YES. The curved edges are utterly stupid, serve no purpose, harder to hold and make screen protectors and especially CASES more difficult to apply and less effective. Even though the S9 was coming out I bought a new S7 instead for this reason. I held the S8 and couldn't stand it.
  • For me curved is fine but I'm more interested in on-screen fingerprint rather flat or curved screens. Focus on functionality. Dual SIMS, High capacity Micro SD, all multi-band both GSM and CDMA, same resolution for front and rear camera, weight reduction, unbreakable glass or advanced fiber, etc...
  • Until I bought the S9, I was definitely a flat screen only person. But truthfully, I don't mind it at all. I disabled the edge screen features as they were the most annoying thing ever. Playing a game and accidentally swipe near the slide-in point for the edge screen? ARGH. No. Turned that crap off and I've been quite happy since. I find the edge makes the phone feel a lot nicer in hand, which I appreciate with phones getting bigger and bigger every year. This is the first time I've gone without a screen protector, and I'm 2 weeks in with my S9 and no damage. I have a quilted fabric sleeve I tuck the phone into when I need to put it in a bag, otherwise it goes into my softer pockets only. I don't really mind babying it a little. My devices tend to look pristine after 2 years of use even though my dog tries her best to make my drop them all. I've used just about every brand of phone at some point, except OnePlus, Huawei and ZTE, and I refuse to buy any of those. OnePlus always teases something I might like but ends up leaving out the one feature I can't live without. So meh. I'm not a Samsung fangirl, either -- but my last 2 phones have been Sammy, and honestly, I have zero complaints. Solid phones that work. Gimmicky features you don't like? Turn 'em off. Easy peasy. On my S9, bixby is off, button disabled. I buy my phones for the hardware, build quality and reliability. My S7 STILL gets security updates almost monthly from AT&T/Samsung. How many manufacturers do that? Google had me with the Pixel 2 right up til they didn't put wireless charging, headphone jacks, or SD cards in. Ugh. Those are deal breakers. Curved glass? Not so much.
  • Yes! I bought the s9+ because my note 4 was finally showing its age. I would love a highend phone from Samsung with a flat screen, and a battery door for a battery!
  • I don't care about the S9/+ but I would definitely prefer a flat Note 8 or Note 9. Flat enough to apply a full coverage tempered glass protector. Plastic or whatever screen protectors are fine for using your phone with fingers, but you need glass for the S Pen to move smoothly.
  • Of course not. I would miss the juicy glare and the distorted colors way too much!
  • Edged screens are why I went to the iPhone, cause I don’t trust any other Android OEMs. The edged phones are too narrow. Accidental touches. Media looks awful. Ridiculous edge glare. Awful with the new tall aspect ratio. It’s basically a Hershey Bar. Looks great in promotional materials, but the drawbacks are too much to settle for it. At this point, I can’t switch back and I’m fairly content where I am. Making the Note devices edged only sealed the deal for me.
  • Would prefer the flat display. I just picked up an S9 plus, and am having no luck with the glass screen protectors. I may return it or swappa it. If only if the edge display had a notch.....
  • "Curved glass allows the display to wrap around the sides, making the phone significantly easier to hold and use one-handed." What the heck? Why would you say that? It's simply not true and it doesn't become true just by saying it. The curved glass makes the sides of the phone very thin, which makes the phone difficult to hold. To have any sort of a secure grip, you have to keep a meaty grip on the phone, leading to the accidental screen touches you mentioned. My hands are pretty normal in size, and I still have difficulty handling the phone without activating the screen. I keep it in a case primarily to make it easier to handle, rather than just for protection. There is nothing functionally useful about the curved screen. Quite frankly, I don't want a sexy phone. I want a phone that's good at being a phone and a hand-held computer. I don't have this. By chasing sexy, cell phones have become fragile, cumbersome, expensive devices with short battery life. Give me a flat screen and squared off sides, please. Maybe even add a bit of a scalloped edge so it's even easier to hang on to securely. With the additional available volume, give me 2x the current battery please. The other thing that all phones should be is capable of handling any number of drops on to concrete in any orientation from face height without suffering damage. People do use these things in the real world, after all.
  • Bottom line is that Sexy sells. Everything you list here is all preference and frankly wouldn't sell to the broad market that Samsung is after.
  • I love the look of the curved screen. However it run naked since I got the S6. I would definitely consider a flat screen again.
  • "Incredible build quality"? Are you kidding?? Samsung phones have become way to fragile with their all glass build. No way I'd buy one even with a flat screen. What's the point of a "beautifuly designed" phone when you have to put it in a case to "maybe" protect it? No. Just no, to any fragile Samsung crap.
    I've got a feeling it's going to be a long time before I buy any new android phone. Skinny phones with odd aspect ratios, glass builds, no headphone jack, notches. No thanks. Manufacturers need to stop copying Apple.
    And what's with "feels good in the hand"? Where else would it feel good? In the @$$?? Just stop with the in the hand stupidity. It's redundant.
  • Your right and that's a battle I always have with my wife and friends. Wants the point of a nice looking phone if at the end you look at what's on the screen? And on top of that people put a case. The only phone I might get once my s7 dies is the s8 active, since it has a flat display, big screen, stronger screen and built screen with big battery, but it's too expensive for now.
  • I wonder if Samsung will even pay attention to this comments thread. I sure hope they do.
  • Yesssssssssssss I would!
  • I traded in my S7 Edge for an LG G6 because I couldn't stand the curve any longer. Haven't regretted it one bit and will never buy a curved display device again. The only way I'd go back to Samsung is if they put out a normal edge phone.
  • I prefer a flat phone because while the curved edges look nice, it makes the width too narrow for me, which is a shame but I've already decided on. Pixel 2 XL which is more durable and offers me what I'm looking for as phone and in Android software.
  • My mind has changed. I used to be so against the curved displays. I told myself I'd never buy one, then I picked up an S8 and beheld the beauty of the screen. My mind slowly began to change. I now have an S9 and love the feel when I swipe in from the edge of the screen. It feels premium and the display is just gorgeous. It's by far one of the most comfortable phones to hold that I've ever owned. I would say the only downside to this phone is related to button placement. I wish the bixby button didn't exist and that the power button was built into the fingerprint sensor. And no, I wouldn't buy a flat screen S9.
  • I would absolutely buy a flat screen over a curved one. It's nice and all, but it's so damned fragile. I miss the S7 and the ability to buy cases that protect the face of the phone on all sides.
  • True, that's why I still have my s7. I don't mind the top Bezels, but curved screen is a pain(the wife has an s8 +)
  • I would. I've never liked anything other than flat, perfectly rectangular 16:9 or 16:10 displays.
  • I ´d prefer having a flat and narrower display than a curved one... or even a flat display in a bigger footprint tbh! And i don’t even find the curved screen beautiful
  • I had edge functionality on my Note4, so a curved display is not necessary for that. That being said, my Note8 is far prettier to look at. It goes without saying, really, because if you look at just about anything with square edges, they would look prettier with curves.
  • Yes. Yes yes yes! I don't know what the obsession is about curved displays and bezels. I've never heard a person complain about the size of a phone's bezel being too big, and I have constantly heard coworkers complain about curved displays on Samsung devices.
    For me, my hands wrap around the screen and create false screen presses.
    So yeah, give me an S9, or better yet a Note 9 with no curved display.
  • Yes, and that's the reason why I still have my s7 and if the end of the year a s9 active doesn't come out I will buy an unlock s8 active. I'm a outdoors off-road rough working man, so I've never care for a fancy looking phone, since my needs are to be fast, great camera, super long battery, sd card, wireless for longevity and practicality and no so big, since I like to use only one hand. Please make them flat and thought. My wife has an s8 plus and me being 6'1 still find it big for my taste. I don't play games so a big screen is not a must, for that I have my laptop.
  • Literally the only things I don't like about my S9 is the curved display and the battery life. Literally no advantages for me to have the curved display. It's easier to break, more costly to fix, and apps edge is a complete fail. Yea the phone would be a hair wider with a flat screen but I would happily take a slightly bigger phone to have better battery life