Samsung Galaxy S7 edge S-View case

The launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S7 brings with it, of course, a host of accessories. And one of the most hotly anticipated Galaxy S7 accessories is, as always, the S-View Flip Cover. This is Samsung's simple-but-useful case for protecting the phone while adding a little bit of functionality.

Here's a quick look.

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Flip Cover

The S-View Flip Cover on the whole is a fairly simple case. It's got plastic clips on the inside that fasten onto the corners of the phone. It keeps things in place just fine, but it's also not impossible to put on or to remove. From there you've got some pretty simple protection for the exterior of the phone, including the display. Most of the top, bottom and right edges are still exposed, so you can get to the power button and 3.5mm headphone jack without any trouble. The volume buttons are covered by the spine of the case, but as with previous iterations you've got plus and minus buttons showing you where to press, so you can still adjust volume without having to remove the case or result to using the on-screen sliders.

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The fun stuff comes with the S-View window, which gives you a peek at the screen but also allows for touch functionality. You can place and receive phone calls through the window, without having to open the case at all. You can even fire up the camera for quick, casual shots — again, without having to open the the flip cover at all.