Our readers think the Galaxy S22 green is much better than the iPhone 13 green

Samsung Galaxy S22 review
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What you need to know

  • Apple unveiled the new green iPhone 13 colorways at its recent launch event.
  • We asked our readers if they preferred the iPhone 13 green or the Galaxy S22 green.
  • The Galaxy S22 took nearly 68% of the votes, followed by the Alpine Green iPhone 12 Pro with 18%.

With this current batch of smartphones, there's a new battle going on between iPhone and Samsung: which green is better? That's the question we asked this week following the launch of Apple's new green colorways for the iPhone 13 series.

Out of nearly 600 responses, 68% of readers voted for the green Galaxy S22, indicating a clear winner. In second place was the Apline Green iPhone 13 Pro, which has a lighter hue and darker camera stove than the standard iPhone 13, which is darker with a lighter hue for the cameras.

Galaxy S22 green vs. iPhone 13 green

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One reader on Facebook claims to be the expert on the color green, and prefers the iPhone green:

Facebook response from our poll

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One reader says Apple needs to do a lot more than "copy colors" if it wants to entice Android users to the platform:

Facebook response from our poll

(Image credit: Android Central)

In my most recent Galaxy S22 review, I gushed over the green colorway, which often appears blue based on how the light hits it. Many Android Central staff also love the green out of all the Galaxy S22 colors.

That said, some readers and Android Central staff say that it doesn't matter anyway because you're going to slap on any of the best Galaxy S22 cases and likely obscure the color. Although the argument could be made that this is exactly what clear cases are for, for those of you that like clear cases.

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You should also go check out The Verge's take on the latest smartphone greens and how they rank according to them, although they seem to have a different take than what our poll results show.

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