Galaxy Nexus

Samsung's request for a stay in the potential Galaxy Nexus sales ban was denied this evening by U.S. District Court Judge Lucy Koh. As everyone knows, Judge Koh decided last Friday that she feels Apple would win at least some of its case against Samsung for patent infringement, and suffer damages substantial enough to warrant a ban on the sale of the Android flagship phone. Google says it has worked out a patch that will allow the Nexus to be sold, but as it stands now as long as Apple is willing to pay a $95.6 million dollar bond sales of the Galaxy Nexus will be halted.

This is a very similar ruling as the one handed down last night for the Tab 10.1, also by Judge Koh. While we all want to smack Apple's lawyers around a bit for their innovation by litigation style of business, the real blame goes to the folks in offices who allow patents on vague ideas to stand. Apple knows they can get this style of justice as long as they petition enough courts, have plenty of money to spend on them, and have seen just how great Jelly Bean is. I can't blame them for trying to keep as many eyes off of the Nexus with Android 4.1 as possible. It's good business, even if it's bad for consumers. #boycottapple

Update: According to The Verge, Google may be pushing out an OTA update to resolve this as early as tonight. This OTA would take away local search on the device and redirect everything to the web. Remember -- you can ignore the OTA if you like. I will be.

Source: All Things D