FOSPower BlackOnyx: cheap wired headphones that truly impress

With headphone jacks disappearing, and more people moving towards Bluetooth, is there a still place for wired headphones in today's world? Well, FOSPower is proving that there is, and that you don't have to spend a lot to get great sound and a comfortable fit.

There are enough gadgets and electronics that I have laying around that I need to remember to charge, and the last thing I want is for my headphones to not power up when I want to use them. That, plus the lower cost and lighter weight, make wired headphones preferable for the foreseeable future.

So, what makes the FOSPower BlackOnyx headphones stand out?

Sound Quality

When you think of a $13 pair of headphones, sound quality may not be the first thing that comes to mind. When I first put these headphones in, I was not expecting much, but as soon as the music started I was pleasantly surprised. Everyone has different expectations when it comes to sound quality, and the type of music that you are listening to will also dictate what you think of the headphones.

While listening to musical choices like Top 40, hip-hop, country, and others, the headphones performed well. There is a decent range, good (but not overpowering) bass, and an overal enjoyable sound that comes out of them. Will they outperform a $100 set of headphones? Probably not, but they aren't aiming to. When thinking of them as a spare set of headphones, ones that you can just keep laying around, they are an excellent value and provide an awesome quality of sound for what they are.


When it comes to headphones, everyone will have a different experience. What is comfortable to one person's ear will not be comfortable to the next. Luckily, FOSPower includes three different size rubber earbud replacements in the package. The size that is on the headphones out of the box may not be ideal, so be sure to play around with them and see which provides the best fit for you.

The actual earbud itself is a bit heavier than others, but I found that was a pretty good thing. The extra weight helped keep the headphones in place once I got them comfortable and started moving around. Many other sets of headphones would jiggle loose or fall back out, but these held in place well.

In terms of comfort, I found that using them for an hour or two was no issue, but if you are looking at having them in for 8 hours a day you may find otherwise.

Build Quality

Since my headphones are generally just balled up and placed in my bag or a drawer, I need them to be durable. They need to be able to withstand some abuse, and the connector needs to be strong enough not to fray from plugging it in and unplugging it. FOSPower has nailed all of these areas for me. The thin, flat cable is durable and reinforced around the 3.5mm jack so I have no worries about breaking the plug when removing them from my phone.

FOSPower nailed sound, comfort, and build quality.

The earbuds themselves are also made of high-quality materials and don't feel cheap at all. They have a bit of weight to them, which I found helped in keeping them in place while moving.

While the overall build quality is fantastic, the microphone cover is made of a cheap plastic that I worry may not withstand abuse very well. After seeing the quality of the rest of the components in these headphones it is a bit surprising that the company didn't opt for something a bit stronger.

Should you buy them?

For around $13, you really can't go wrong with these headphones. If you are looking for an extra set to keep in the car, or a cheap set to carry around in your bag, you will want to pick these up. The headphones look and feel high quality, and don't set you back a fortune so you don't have to be super careful with them. The sound quality is better than one would expect for the price, and they are quite comfortable to wear regularly.

For a limited time FOSPower is offering Android Central readers an exclusive discount on these headphones. Use coupon code FOSPWR03 at Amazon to get them for just $10.

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Do wired headphones still have a place in your world? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Jared DiPane
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