From the forums: When will we see a white EVO 4G LTE?

Nkawal in the EVO 4G LTE forums asks:

When will the HTC EVO 4G LTE come in white and how will it look?

Fair question. Sprint's no stranger to breaking out white versions of its phones, and it wouldn't surprise us in the least to see one. (And if history repeats, a white EVO 4G LTE might be a Best Buy or Radio Shack exclusive.)

So, yeah. It's entirely possible. When is anybody's guess -- figure Sprint will want some actual sales under its belt first, and preorders don't start until May 7.

And nkawal in HTC's promo video points out some white backs -- so that might make it even more likely. As for how it might look? We've got a rough idea. 

  • I like the black better if it was up to me!! :P
  • That white one looks much better than the black. That's a phone I would carry in my pocket. Fingers crossed it actually happens.
  • I wish Sprint can be generous enough to bring both Black/White Evo Lte together ...So in that way everyone gets what they want ..
  • White isn't my fav color. I rather have the color of money
  • er-hem.... White is not a color, it is a hue. I now return you to your regularly scheduled day. :p
  • Sprint needs to focus on getting LTE in all major markets and getting better phones before worrying about phone colors.
  • Eh, the phone is HTC's issue to handle, and even if Sprint is "working with" HTC to get it done, it's not even remotely the same group of people responsible for the LTE rollout -- the engineers and such. In other words, white, black, green, purple... Sprint could roll out dozens of phones in dozens of colors, and it would have zero effect on the LTE rollout team. /Kevin P.S. Go Niners! Off-season conditioning program started today!(Assuming it's the SF 49ers and not the Charlotte 49ers, whom I care/know nothing about. :D)
  • Knowing full well that there are those intelligent people that will surely get the torches out from my comment here, may I ask, "What's the big frickin deal on white phones?" I know that someone will say "choices" and another will say "preference" and yet another will say "if you don't like it don't buy it", to you I say BAH HUMBUG! The point of my question is a serious curiosity. WHY is there such a hoopla raised when someone suggests that white version of a phone is made? Surly I can't be the only one curious about this. In my humble opinion they seem a bit silly. I just imagine after a year of use they don't have that pristine white look anymore and they become a white ISH slab that looks perpetually unclean. Finally what's the cost of dye now days? When I say "i want a blue phone" someone says "buy a cover" so why not just buy a white cover? Can we get on the all red phone bandwagon? Now THAT'S something to get excited about.
  • Thank you, sir. Though it would be kind of cool to see a retro 80s era PC beige color phone...maybe even with the same pebbled texture the desktop towers had.
  • I'm with you, on this one. I can appreciate the idea of choice and all, but I don't understand the *level* of excitement. If white was really the more desirable color, then phones would come out in white first... To each their own, though, I suppose. You wouldn't catch me dead with a white phone, though. (And that's not an invitation for anyone to kill me and stick a white cell phone on my body, just to prove me wrong. Just sayin') ;)
  • "If white was really the more desirable color, then phones would come out in white first..." .... It has started... with the one x :p
  • PastorDroid! The answer to your question, what is the different between the white and the black phones? I had the Galaxy Epic 4G Touch, and Sprint exchanged the phone for me with the white one, both has the same proc. same software and everything the same, but the white one performance way better than the black and the gps working fine. I had a lots of problem with Gps on the black one.
    And the cover don`t feel cheap plastic like the black, it's feel almost like the IPhone in a way.
  • Two years ago, I thought the same thing. But here my White EVO 4G is still just as white & shiny as it was the day I got it! & I don't even keep it in a case!
  • yeah a white one would be nice, hell anything would be better than that two tone black one.
  • I want one in British Racing Green, the wife wants Breast Cancer Awareness Pink, and the daughter will change her mind a week later anyway and cover it with duct tape.
  • Right, so you would end up with a two-tone white one. Your point is??
  • does that picture looks like two tone to you?
  • I imagine the part that is soft touch would get very dirty and be difficult to clean.
  • Def want white. I'm tired of black or dark grey. I'm sure Sprint will offer a white version, but if you get this two tone version first, your SOL. They'll make you pay full price / upgrade just for the white one, smh. Thats why Im leaning towards AT&T for the One X. EDIT: Just notice the white PS version above, THATS WHAT I WANT. MAKE IT HAPPEN SPRINT, LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  • It all depends on the individuals personal choice which hue (black or white) they prefer. I personally prefer the black hue.
  • When will we see a white EVO 4g LTE? The next day when about 1,000 aftermarket vendors start selling white cases on Amazon for $0.99. This will also be the same day when you get to see a green, blue, red, fusia, etc. EVO 4G LTE.
  • I would want it all white. Not just the back. The whole thing. I don't see that happening but I could be wrong. Black is getting boring. Hell make it neon green or cyan.
  • I still want to know why the EVO 4G LTE has no rear speaker. No blog/website/techy/whatever will answer that question for me, and Google isn't much help.
  • We will see it when its available and not before.
  • A black and white HTC Evo 4G on launch day would be nice, but I rather see a liquid silver color or even a Red to change things up a bit.
  • Would be nice to see the white version but again the whole case/cover issue comes to mind. If and when the white one comes...I'll only get it if ZAGG has the invisible shield. And otterbox or someone comes and makes a clear cover. Otherwise no go
  • i would like to see a color swapped EVO LTE. A Red back with a metallic Black kickstand. can any artists out there make this happen with a render? haha