From the Forums: Protecting the camera lens on your Evo 4G [video]

It's pretty cool that smartphones today come with high megapixel cameras, and the Evo 4G's 8 MP 720p camera is no exception.  But the way it protrudes from the back of the device is a headache in the making.  Even if you don't review Android phones for a living and drag them across a stone table all day long (ahem), there's a good chance you'll scratch or even break the protective glass over the actual lens.  Android Central forum member rem_kujawa shows us a cheap and effective solution he found on YouTube using scrap from your local bog box store.  Check the video after the break.  [YouTube via Android Central Forums]

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  • This design flaw is one of the reasons I love the Motorola Droid so much. The front and back surfaces are recessed a few millimeters from flush, protecting them from table/surface scratching.
  • This "design flaw" isn't a design flaw. When you set the EVO on a table the camera lens does not contact, the bezel does (because the phone does not sit flat). If you set your droid on a table covered in sand, it's going to scratch your lens just as well as the EVO.
  • I wonder how/if it affects the focusing...
  • Putting a piece of tape over a camera lens?? Slow news day aye?
  • Tape? Another guy who didn't even watch it before commenting.
  • Local bog box store? Don't you mean big box store?
  • I'm not sold. The picture quality is going to degrade as the plastic wears and becomes discolored. A+ for creativity though.
  • Make your marginal camera lens more craptastic!
  • Good lord that whole video was out of focus! :-o Neat idea, though.
  • That's the SECOND phone he was modifying in the video.
  • What's the point of the plastic lens cover, if you have a case, which recesses the camera back anyway and keeps it from being touched? I have the same exact case. Cool thought, but I'll stick w/my case since my lens has yet to be touched with it on. Although, when you have it in Official HTC Car Upgrade Kit dock, the case has to come off, so this may be where it comes in handy. Appreciate the video!!
  • Everyone said they hate the droid x hump but guess what, I don't have to worry about my lens glass getting scratched since it doesn't sit flat. :)
  • Same with the EVO.
  • It's a good idea but my case sticks out more then the lens but if my lens cover breaks or scratches I'll try it.
  • Well this is why I love my Vibrant, the speakers may not be lifted up but at least the camera lens is safe
  • Well this is why I love my Vibrant, the speakers may not be lifted up but at least the camera lens is safe
  • Are they kidding? covering your lens with Krazy Glue?
  • Why go through all this trouble, I just used a piece of an old phantom skin, and cut and stuck it on there. They are only $10 for 2 of them. Or even better, take one off your old phone, that you don't use anymore because you bought an Evo, lol.
  • Just keep a rubber on it
  • I just got an 3500mAh exteneded battery and it came with a new battery cover for my Evo. My lens is fully protected. Paid $10 from eBay.
  • Flak jacket or Level III body armor...
  • I have a few comments about this video. I am not ripping on this guy, there are just a few details that I would like to point out. 1. Notice the broken glass mouse pad. Very cool detail adds conflict to the video's subject. 2. How about the factory plastic coating on the keyboard in the background. He's one of those guys. He should have bought an Epic. I am still discovering little pieces of plastic. 3. For those who ask, "Doesn't this effect the focus or image quality?" Consider the focus and image quality of the video itself. Would this guy notice if it did? Would you believe this guy if he said that the images were clear or that change was not noticeable? 4. Isn't that little piece of plastic hundreds of times more vulnerable to scratches than the glass lens? In other words, buy your watch batteries in bulk because that plastic is going to get scratched on a daily basis.
  • Exactly and additionally consider that the glass on the EVO doesn't contact flat surfaces.
  • Or you could just get the new Otterbox Commuter case with offers much more protection than the Seidio Innocase for the camera lense. I too have that same Seidio case but just got the Otterbox.
  • this solution is much more robust-