Adobe fights claims that Flash 10.1 is an Android battery assassin

After Adobe's first video of Flash 10.1 running on the Nexus One, it seems as though the focus was placed on the battery meter and its apparent drain during the video, instead of the Flash 10.1 and all it will bring. But after writers began noticing the video appeared to be chopped and edited, Adobe itself decided to squash the rumors and get to the bottom of things.

Adobe supplied some raw data that showed a three-hour battery life with H.264 video playing over WiFi. That's long enough to watch nearly any movie, get in a few television episodes, or a whole bunch of music videos.  Hopefully these results are on par with what an average everyday user will notice as well, and not just results which can be replicated with a perfectly tuned device.  Check out the 17-minute video update after the break and see for yourself. [Flash Mobile Blog via Electronista]

Jared DiPane
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