Xperia Eye

Mobile World Congress

Sony is extending its Xperia line beyond smartphones and tablets, with the announcement of four new connected devices at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The first two are the more traditional of the group: The Xperia Eye is a Moto Hint-style Bluetooth earpiece that reads back notifications and reminders. And the Xperia Eye is a small connected camera designed to attach to your clothes or other objects.

The Xperia Eye and Ear devices on the show floor today in Barcelona weren't functional — and the Eye is remains a "Concept" for the moment — but we can give you a quick look at early hardware for both. Read on for a first look at the Sony Xperia Ear and Xperia Eye.

Sony Xperia Ear

As well as being a notification reader, the Xperia Ear is can tell you the weather and remind you about upcoming appointments. It's also always listening for voice commands so you can navigate, dictate messages and search the web, all through a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone. Expect to hear more about the Ear as it approaches release this summer.

Xperia Eye

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Sony Xperia Eye

The Xperia Eye is best thought of as a smaller-scale action cam, designed to capture everyday moments with its spherical 360-degree lens. It also uses Sony's face detection algorithms to focus automatically, and is designed to be clipped onto clothing or attached to other objects. As it's a "Concept," there are no further tech details available at the time of writing, nor word of any release date.

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